Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm Prep Sunday

So we left the shore on Friday, unpacked and a few other things on Saturday, and now we get to spend our Sunday making sure we are ready for Sandy to hit town.
I grew up in Virginia Beach so prepping for a Hurricane is nothing new to me.  I just never thought I'd have to do this sort of stuff in landlocked PA!lol

Here's my prep list.....

WATER--I had picked up 2 cases of water while down at the shore last week(the tap water there is nasty!lol)  Between what I have left and what I have here in bottle water, we are good to go on that item.

LIGHTS--I have a bevy of flashlights and a stockpile of batteries already.  I also have matches and jarred candles.

RADIO/PHONES--We have 2 radios that take batteries or electricity.  We have a landline in case the cell towers go down.  The cell phones are charged.

VEHICLES--The car that isn't filled yet will be filled up today if we need to bug out of here.  We aren't in a flood plain but if the electric goes down for an extended period and the temperature goes down, we may need to "hotel it" if the house gets too cold.  We have 2 different dog kennels on standby if needed, depending on where the grid problems are.  When the Tornado hit Dec. 1st in 2006 we lost power for 3 days but the outlying area and south of our town didn't.  The temp dropped from 70 to below freezing after the tornado came through so we had to bug out but didn't have to go far.  Last year with Tropical Storm Lee's flooding and then Hurricane Irene on top of it, we miraculously kept power and didn't have flooding at our house.  We've planned out 4 evacuation routes out of town, just in case we need to leave anyway.  Depending on where the flash flooding hits, we'll need options for routes out of the area.

CASH--I have cash on hand and it's enough for an emergency situation.

FOOD/COOKING--We have more than half a tank of propane on the gas grill, in case the grid goes down and we need to cook.  I'll be moving the meat/veg. items in the freezer I will need to get out for emergency cooking.
That way, if the electric goes out, 1 quick trip to the freezer and done so the door isn't opened alot and the coldness isn't dissipated.  Leaving the freezer shut will help keep the food from thawing sooner.  If the grid stays down, we'll be eating ice cream for
We have shelf stable foods to get us through at least 2 weeks, maybe more....let's hope it doesn't come to that though! ;-)  I've been making extra ice just in case and will keep the cooler from the trip out instead of putting it away in the garage.

CLOTHING-- We did laundry on Saturday from the trip so we are set on clean clothing for a week or two.

We are pretty much set except for bringing some outdoor things in.  I have to put the lawn chairs in the garage and make sure the flag pole is taken down too.
  Just waiting on if they are going to close the school here and watching the path.  Looks now like the worst of this will go inland PAST us into central South Central PA.

Everybody be safe now!!



  1. I am glad you are home safe. I hoep this storm is just being blown out of proportion. But we are ready just in case.

    1. Welcome back Precious! We have been worried about you when your blog when "by private invite only" again. I've got readers still asking where you went. I wanted to email you privately but you don't have an email linked to your blog's About Me page.

  2. I'm actually glad (for once) to be in Pittsburgh and mostly on the outskirts of all the "fun." I'll be traveling to Central PA on Friday 11/2, but forecasters seem to think Sandy will be gone from the area by then (fingers crossed).

    Glad you're all set if things get nasty - stay safe!

  3. Glad to hear you guys are all set up. I ditto Precious, and hope the storm is mostly hype. We have only seen rain/wind so far, but nothing out of the ordinary up here in MD.


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