Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reporting In From Eastern PA

We made it through the night.
Loss of power intermittently but nothing major.  I guess we lucked out here as PA was the 3rd worst hit with power outages.

We are down to light rain(which is going to continue until Friday)and some gusty winds.
Luckily, no downed trees around here either.....not even branches in the yard which we usually get with these types of storms.

The best thing is.....now I can go to Rite-Aid! lolol
Just to check on my friends/employees there......because I am concerned for their well being.....not that I want to shop for almost free or anything...... ;-)

I am just glad we weren't in Ocean City MD THIS week.

Hope everyone else made it through the night and is aok!



  1. Yeah, being in OC would've been a BAD idea... the tides were incredibly high, and very early in the storm, there was no beach left because the water had risen so much. Now with the light rain, all you see is construction trucks and electric trucks buzzling around trying to help people out.

  2. Tanner,
    I saw some pictures....our hotel is/was in that section of the shore that is still closed(Coastal Hiway up to 17th st.) IF I could be guaranteed that the storm wouldn't have harmed us, it would have been neat to ride it out in our 8th floor room sitting on the balcony. But life doesn't come with those kind of guarantees. lol

  3. My daughter in Brooklyn never lost electricity and still has it. The news says Brooklyn has no electricity. ??? A tree took out cable, home phone, and internet. I just text her a couple of times each day. I am so grateful

    1. Linda, don't believe everything you see on TV. The media lies like a rug nowadays.lol
      I guess since there was such build up of this thing, they have to bend the truth and make the aftermath worse than it is?
      I'm glad your family is safe tho!


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