Wednesday, October 17, 2012

For Mark Because I "Get" Him

Get your head out of the gutter.....I get him in a political way.
You dirty dirty people....

Mark's post today is HERE.

The photo of Fred accompanying it instantly made me think of this political satire photo and literally laugh out loud!   
Yes, I scared the dogs doing that....

If you don't know Mark and Fred then just keep moving along....otherwise nod in understanding and let a wide grin slide slowly across your face.

Sluggy-who's still glad Fred can't vote yet ;-)


  1. I hadn't even realized that Fred can't vote. Awesome!

    You and Mark (and maybe now me) are going to be in so much trouble. :o/ ;o)

  2. My parents' dog has become rather immune of me talking to myself, or talking to her, or randomly exclaiming things or laughing out of nowhere. She knows I'm nuts.

  3. Yes, funny! Why did he close the comments the same day he posted?

    My sneezing always frightens my hens. But, then so does everything. If I talk on the phone, they assume I am talking to them and come to me. I have to talk about my chickens when everything talks about their dogs.

  4. Oh mark how we love you but yes it made me smile and thing of him.

    @pp he is using his blog as more of a journal now so he closed the comment on all of his posts


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