Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Can It Be?....Another Boring Blog Box Giveaway?!?!

Another Boring Blog Box Giveaway...Come Enter!

Time for another......

Here's how it works.....
I put things in the box(mostly what I have gotten for free or almost free)each week and when the box is filled we draw a winner from all the entries received.

Here is what went into the Box today......
1.  1 Cover Girl mascara
2.  1 Cover Girl face powder (med. shade)
3.  1 Revlon nail file
4. 1 NYC nail polish
5. 1 Revlon nail polish
6. 1 NYC eye make-up compact (brown tones)

If this is your first time, please go read all the rules for these Giveaways HERE.  *As always, if you are located outside the US, you CAN enter and win but weight restrictions/shipping costs may mean your prize box will contain less items.*

***Time to enter.....You can enter on this Giveaway post until I close this post to entries.

1 entry per person per day on THIS POST.
Leave your name/email addy and a COMMENT on this post.  

This week I want to hear about your Thanksgiving plans.....
Do you cook/host a meal or do you go to someone else's to eat?
What do you eat for Thanksgiving?  Is it the traditional meal or is it "unusual"?
Do you have some family or regional traditional food to serve for Turkey day?
What kind of pie to you make/serve/eat?  Because we all know, Thanksgiving is about the
You can come directly to this blog post or find it through the link on the right side bar to leave 1 comment per day.  The current Giveaway Post will be linked right at the top of the side bar.

Please NOTE--You MUST be a follower to enter the Giveaway.  If you aren't one, just click on the "Follow" button on the right hand side of my blog to become a follower.

There are 2 ways to get 2 EXTRA entries on this and each new Giveaway Post.......

1. Put my blog on your blog's Blogroll.  Leave an extra comment for this entry on THIS POST with the URL of your blog so I can go check it out. **If I'm already on your Blogroll, say so in an extra entry comment once each week of this giveaway.
2.  Blog about this Giveaway on your blog with a link to this post.  Leave an extra comment for this entry on THIS POST with a link to your blog post so I can go view it.  You can do this extra entry once each week of this giveaway.

Any questions?  Just email me.

Happy Entering!! 



  1. Of course you are on my blogroll...where would I be without my sluggy!

  2. Thanksgiving is at my house so that means 15-20 people and I love it. I do a ham the night before to just heat up and turkey all day. But now I make everyone bring something because seriously these people will eat you out of house and home


    Let's see... Thanksgiving...

    We host hubs family here and cook cook cook.
    Then the next day, we're hosting 3 hours away. So before hand, we cook cook cook.

  4. Oh and I swear we have more desert than food..does this count as another comment :)

  5. Okay, Sluggy, this doesn't look boring at all! In fact I'm quite fond of the nail polish already!!

    Of course I follow your blog, silly! Is that all I need to enter?? ;)!


  6. Okay, you are on my blog roll too! (Ha, extra entry!) I'm so going to win!!

    Anyway. Thanksgiving. Ah. We are headed to NY.(I'll be passing your house again!) I'll be bringing Thanksgiving to my parents house (i.e. I'll be doing all of the cooking). We are then going to celebrate my Mom's 80th birthday! I'm looking forward to it!

  7. Jenny

    my thanksgiving plan is to eat what other people are cooking!!! hahaha i usually just go to one big thanksgiving dinner with either my friends or family! its usually what you'd expect from a thanksgiving dinner! mashed potatos...turkey, gravy (yum...), corn, pie! but when it's my family who is cooking, there's usually chicken that replaces the turkey :P, pie...i'm not a big fan of pumpkin pie so it's usually apple pie for me!

  8. Nice giveaway! Thanksgiving will be here, me and the kids. First once as a single parent. Traditional meal: turkey and all of the fixings. Most will be made from scratch, per usual. : )

  9. This post is now CLOSED to entries. Please post entries on the most recent post.


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