Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something To Think About.......

Hubs & I spent Saturday afternoon taking a walk.  It was a lovely day so we got some exercise and went strolling.......through a graveyard.

Yes, I am strange that way. ;-)

I took a photo of this headstone to share with everyone.
I thought it was "wonderful"........

Isn't that great?
When you go, will someone think THAT highly of you that they want to say this about you into eternity?

No recounting of his titles in life or the high station he held(if any).  This epitaph blows away the ones I've seen extolling a list of accomplishments on far grander monuments.

This one gets it right.
It's not about WHO you are/were in life, it's about how you treated those around you.
Isn't it?

I wish I had had a chance to know just how wonderful Bennett Ruddick was, don't you?! 8-)

Who would have thought I'd find an Affirmation like this in a Cemetery......



  1. The world is full of wonderful people. While a few are downright nasty and unpleasant, and most of us have our good and bad points, I believe that most people are very, very nice. It's mind-boggling how many wonderful people there are in the world. I actually reflect on this now and then.

    1. On my bad days 444, I can't feel that the good people in this world are found in such great numbers anymore. Maybe I'm getting too old and cranky, maybe not.
      Why does it take some national or world tragedy to get people to act decent toward each other anymore? Are there just too many of us on the planet that we don't value our fellow person anymore? We see groups only and we get this "us or them", "if they aren't with us/like us, they are to be destroyed" mentality.
      Then there are the truly evil among us.....sigh Maybe I should just take up a new career......instead of being just a curmudgeon, maybe I should embark on a new career as an inebriated curmudgeon?

  2. The word on mine with rhyme with itch.

    1. And that word would be RICH......right? lol

  3. Replies
    1. That's because I lurv you lady!!
      Now where's my Vegas ticket, hmmm? You keep forgetting to come pick me up before you go.....

  4. Am I alone in not wanting a gravestone? I want to cremated and sprinkled at my favorite place :-)

    1. Marci, You could do both.....be sprinkled but have a "cenotaph" erected somewhere too. That just means the body isn't under the memorial. It's giving your loved ones a place to go with a physical thing to honor you....some people need that to feel better once their loved ones are gone.
      And some don't. European cultures and forebearers were/are traditionally big on memorials while other cultures aren't.
      I'm glad many of my ancestors had gravestones as it's helped genealogically solve some family mysteries.
      I don't know what I want to do yet.


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