Monday, September 24, 2012

It's a Rigged Game Folks

I ask that anyone who votes and/or is planning on watching the TV Presidential Debates, please watch this short film.
Or go to Youtube and search for "No Open Debate" and watch it there.

It's a whole 26 minutes out of your life, but it's worth watching to the end.

If you don't care to watch it then let me give you the Cliff Notes on it.  
What we call Presidential Debates are a sham....and I am not talking throw pillows here!

The Presidential Debates are run by a private corporation founded by past chairmen of the DNC and the RNC. 
The corporation is staffed by Dems and Reps only but they dare to call it a nonpartisan affair.

The Debates and the Commission on Presidential Debates(aka CPD) that runs them is a Duopoly and they keep out any candidate who isn't Dem or Rep. in a myriad of ways.

One way is by "polling" statistics.   First, the PDC never discloses which pollsters they use.  Then many polling companies don't even give those who are polled a choice other than Dem, Rep or Undecided.
***We got a call just last night from a polster.  When Hubs responded that he was voting for Gary Johnson, the woman didn't know what to say/tick's like whomever trained her to call didn't even imagine the possibility that someone would answer something other than Rep, Dem or Undecided.  She ended up just hanging up on Hubs.  I guess we don't count. 8-(
It's impossible to poll high enough for inclusion for ANY candidate if you aren't even included in the polling choices!

They also have secretive contracts which the debaters(and their handlers) construct so that they can NOT actually debate each other nor be forced to answer any real questions since they screen ALL questions and pick and choose which ones they'll answer.

It's really just a big old press conference and a 2 party system lovefest.....and it has got to GO!

And the people, as in "We the People" need to let this CPD and the business entities that sponsor(meaning pay out loads of money to the CPD)these non-events that it's a load of bullshit.
And we're not going to take this anymore!

If you want things to actually change in this country for once, you need to stand up and speak out.
If you think the PDC should actually let every viable candidate into the Debates, call/write/email the Commission on Presidential Debates--google to get the contact info. or go to their website and leave an email comment.

Also contact the business sponsors of these Debates.  Tell them you will boycott buying their products unless they support a fair and truly open debate format.
 In 2012 these companies would be.....

* Anheuser-Busch Companies
* The Howard G. Buffet Foundation
* Sheldon S. Cohen, Esq.
* Crowell & Moring LLP
* International Bottled Water Association (IBWA)
* The Kovler Fund
* Philips Electronics North America
* Southwest Airlines

Write the news networks too......ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, etc. and likewise let them know that the Debates are rigged.

It's time to stop letting political insiders and big business collude and push the little guys(US!) around.



  1. I have received several calls about my voting choice. I tell them I don't care to discuss the matter. Thanks for the heads up on this. I am neither shocked nor amazed, just ignorant of these facts you shared.

  2. I was ignorant of these facts too until I did some reading. We people are dangerous when we

    I assumed that the League of Women Voters who had always since I was small was still running these things. I didn't know that they had been taken over by partisan evildoers. 8-(

  3. I'll waste my time with voting when and only when they do away with the electoral college. So why is it the popular vote doesn't count? It has been a shame all along.

    1. Go do some reading on why we have an Electoral College. Yes, it needs reforming but do we want to do away with it and go to a direct voting system? A system where the large urban states will basically make policy and choose our elected officials? Mob rule. The majority of citizens who have figured out that they can vote themselves largesse from the system and are using that to destroy our Republic?
      Oh wait!....that's already happening....never it too late to start drinking yet?

  4. It's just I don't understand why someone has to vote for me. The popular vote should count. I know why they have the system it just seems so crooked.
    Oh and that was sham not shame.

    1. So if you want to vote so badly, why not go get yourself appointed to the Electoral College? I think we need more Sonya Ann's in charge of the political wait.....I might want to take that


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