Saturday, September 29, 2012

Is It October Yet?

September has kicked my butt in the financial realm of things.
When we finally bid it adieu on Monday, I won't be longingly looking back at siree!

I am known far and wide for my skinflint ways.
But even as uber frugal as I can be, the expenses were out of hand for September!
The ones that I could plan for I did, but there were unplan-able ones as well.
It all converged into the Perfect Storm and wiped my budget out!

Yes, having a month where you bring in LESS than you need to spend happens.
Even too me.....
Shocking I know, right?!?! lol

But you know what?
It's not the end of the world around here.

Mostly because we don't make a habit of it.
We don't spend every blessed nickel we make each month, every month.
We put aside a nice chunk of our income each month.
So that when something happens in any given this one!.....we have money to spare to get us past the ugliness of spending more than we made in September.

Having a bad month or three can happen, even if you do everything right.
Having bad months happen on a regular basis though, means you need to rethink what you are doing with your money.

Sometimes the Universe IS out to get you.....and sometimes you are your own worst enemy and create your own problems by not planning and sticking to that plan.

The take away for me on September?
Using it as a reminder that given the choice, living below ones means is always the best plan.
And how!

Well everybody come on back in a few days when I have to do my Savings Challenge Post for September and you can gawk at just how badly the month was for our finances.



  1. Yeah that was my July! Out to get me!

    1. Butt kicking is highly overated if you are the one getting

  2. I don't think I remember your ever having spent more than you brought home!

    1. In the last 3 years I've been tracking it has happened a couple of times before. ugh

  3. And that's how my August was :( September was kind to us (financially).

    1. Seems with a lot of people, the July-September time frame has been a bit perilous to our finances. It must be "3rd quarter financial fatigue"?


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