Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spending Money to Make Money

So here's some shopping I did this past week.....

Sis-IL went with me to Weis on Tuesday.  I waited until she got here to make a meal since I didn't know what she would/could eat this time.

I spent $52.78 on....
1 Qt. Yogurt reg. price
4 1lts. Half&Half Soda Mixers on sale
2 Rolls of Breakfast Sausage half price
2 2lts. Diet Coke on sale(only thing SIL drinks)
1 Small jar of Honey  reg. price ouch!
3 lbs. yellow squash on sale
2 bags Sargento shred cheese on sale
4 blocks Weis block cheese on sale
2 bags of Onions BOGO
1/2lb. American cheese on sale
1 container of Strawberries on sale
3 red peppers on sale
1lb. mushrooms on sale
1 box of corn dogs reg. price ouch
5 pkgs. OM lunchmeat *

Total included a $3.50 off $45 order Catalina, 5 x .50/1 Peelies on the OM lunchmeats and a "Senior Discount" of $3.29.  It was Senior day.  This is the first time I've gotten an automatic old people discount at Weis.
Damn that teen boy cashier!  Not everyone over the age of 20 is a senior citizen....

The lunchmeat packages were reg. .99¢ each and each had a .50¢ store discount Q on.  Buying 5 caused a $4 OYNO Catalina Q to spit out at the register, so basically I paid $2.50 and the store gave me back $4.00.
Nice!! 8-))

There was also a Dairy Deal-buy select items, get an instant $3 off your order.
The cheese I bought qualified, though I bought more than I had to because it was working off the shelf price....3 bags of Sargento and 1 block of cheese would have been enough.
oh well....

I saved 40% off of reg. retail price on the order and I got that $4 OM Cat back and saved $3 more on the cheese I bought.

So Saturday Hubs and I went back up to the store......
I wanted to do the P&G Catalina Deal(buy 5 select items, get $5 OYNO Catalina Q)and the Clorox Catalina Deal(buy $20 select items, get $7 OYNO Catalina Q).

I wanted to buy 5 Bounty napkins for the P&G Deal but they were totally out.
So the Manager gave me a raincheck for the $2.50 price for 5 packages and a $5 Weis gift card since I wouldn't get the $5 Catalina next week when the napkins came in.
So I got $5 for buying nothing......
I could really get use to that!lolol

So I am "up" $5 and I haven't bought anything yet. 8-)

I purchased 4 Clorox Clean-up cleaner bottles(necessary for the chihuahua who poops in the house) and 3 jugs of Clorox bleach.  $19.96 + tax OOP and I got a $7 Cat Q back.
Unfortunately there are no Qs out now for these products to bring my OOP down, so $12.96 after Catalina or 7 products for $12.96.

Then I bought "$12" in cheese(based on the reg. shelf price).....3 bags of Sargento shredded and 1 block of cheese for $8 on sale, minus the $3 instant discount=$5.00 for 4 containers of cheese.  This makes them $1.25 each which is rock bottom here for cheese!  (I did this cheese deal 5 times in total.)

I also bought 2 Cantaloupes as they were BOGO and actually smelled like cantaloupe, a box of frozen breakfast biscuits sammies for the teens(on sale for $3.99),as well as a beef tenderloin(6.66 lbs. at $3.99lb)for $26.57. (I got 12 thick steaks out of that tenerloin as well as a bag of stew beef after I broke it down.)
My total OOP this trip, after using my $4 OYNO Cat from the OM lunchmeat from earlier in the week was $56.71.
I got the $7 OYNO Cat for the Clorox stuff(and the $5 gift card).

Then I bought.....
3 more Sargento cheese bags
1 more block of cheese(the $3 discount deal again)
5 pkgs. of the OM lunchmeat at .99¢ w/.50¢ discount stickers on them
2 Store Gift Cards totaling $50

I didn't use my $7 Cat or the $5 gift card and paid $57.45.
Of that amount, $7.45 comes out of my food budget.

I received a $10 OYNO Catalina(for buying $50 in select gift cards)...ok, the Cat didn't print so the CS gave me a $10 voucher on a raincheck form-same thing.  I also got another $4 OYNO Catalina for buying the 5 pkgs. of OM lunchmeat.

All my $26 in free grocery money for next week.....

I am OOP $64.16 today or $116.94 for the whole week from the food budget.
I also have $26 in free Cats/gift cards to spend next I "spent" $38.16 this past week.
Ok, not really, just in that fuzzy logic way in my head

And I have 30 more gas points, 10 for each other 3 trips over $50.  My next gas fill up I get .80¢ off per gallon.

Here's a frugal tip.
If you are going to have to spend money on something anyway, buy a gift card that gives you a benefit to pay for that expense.

Last week(and this week at Weis)when you buy $50 total in gift cards, you get a $10 OYNO Catalina Q good on anything in the store(except smokes, lottery tickets, etc.)
I bought the $50 in gift cards because we are going on a trip next week.

And we are going to have to spend money anyway to eat and Hubs wants to eat better than fast food.  So I googled what eateries are out where we will be staying and picked up 2 $25 gift cards. (One of these places we have locally here to, in case we only want to go out one night and not both that we will be in Columbus.  We can use the other at a later date here.)

Why not spend the money on a gift card to a restaurant that is located where we are going and get the free $10 worth of groceries to spend later?
So by purchasing these ahead(and the cost doesn't come out of the food budget) I get $10 in free groceries later.
Works for me! ;-)

Rite-Aid also has a Buy a certain Gift Card good at "Home Improvement" Stores Deal this week.
Buy the $50 gift card and get a $10 +Up Rewards good for $10 worth of stuff at Rite-Aid.
If you are going to spend money anyway at a Home Depot, Lowe's or one of the other stores that qualify, why not buy that gift card ahead and get the free $10 credit in goods at Rite-Aid?

We have home improvement projects coming up so buying these gift cards at Rite-Aid for free shampoo, tp and other stuff is a no brainer for us.  

I might actually go do the Gift Card deal again this week for another free $10 in groceries.
#2 Son needs some clothes before he packs off to camp next Sunday and dropping $50 on clothes won't take much effort, will it?
Might as well get some free food to ease the pain in my wallet on that score too. ;-)

Have you done any Catalina Deals lately?
Have you saved money on one category of your spending by taking advantage of a deal in another area of spending?



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  1. Oh wow, exellent work! I don't often get catalinas around here, since I can't buy a lot of stuff in bulk. I'm afraid to confess, however, that last time I got a catalina from Walgreens it expired. Oops...


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