Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh, I am Just Wicked!

Monday evening I watched Hoarders on the A&E channel.
10 pm rolls around and Hubs just shakes his head at me and leaves the family room when that show comes on.
I call it my sick guilty pleasure, watching Hoarders.  I guess it's sort of a way to remind myself weekly that "but for whatever reason, this could be me!"
The Hoarding gene or mentality or whatever you want to call it seems to run in my family.....if you've read me for long enough you know what I mean here.
It's a reminder to me of what I could be or become if I'm not vigilant.

And it's also like watching footage of a 20 car know it's going to gross you out but you just can't turn away. ;-)

**Before I get hate mail because I seem to be making fun of a serious "mental illness", get over yourself!
I have been in the belly of this beast so I have a slightly different perspective on the issue.
Besides, seeing the humour in stuff is what I strive for.....and it's good for your well-being and a great coping mechanism.....there are lots of people walking around with poles up their collective hineys who should try it sometime.
The world would be a much better place for it.**

At any rate, watching Hoarders and reading about hoarding is a great way to keep me motivated to DECLUTTER the House!
Yah, you Know what I'm talking about!!lol

So I'm watching the little intro part of the show on Monday.....the episode with Glen and Lisa.

Glen the pet rat lover/hoarder with avoidance issues related to the sudden death of his wife.

Lisa the cat lady/hoarder seething with passive-aggressive issues with her father.

One with 2500 Free-ranging Rats.

And one with 40+ Cats.

Do you know what my first thought was here?
.....That they should take Linda's cats over to Glen's place and take care of the rats.
Two houses cleared of their animals in one fell swoop.
And Both of them live in southern's so DOABLE!!!

Am I an evil genius or what?



  1. I thought the same thing! They *really* should get these 2 people together. Problem solved. (dusting hands off)

    Wasn't that the saddest show watching poor Glen choke up? And didn't you just want to smack some sense into that twit Lisa? I felt so bad for her dad.

    And yes, watching that show Hoarders is a good way to keep me mindful of my own clutter and how it grows.

  2. Okay--that made me laugh out loud!! I never would have thought of that. I get the shivers every time I see the promo for the rat hoarder. I have a pathological fear of things with naked tails--mice, rats and lizards. I literally can't breathe because of the fear. Watching that show truly makes me want to clean my house from top to bottom and get rid of many things.

  3. O...M...G!!! I have never actually watched the show (and now we don't get that channel anymore since I told Comcast where to stick the cable box), but wow! And my husband thinks if I get a third cat, I'm certifiable - LOL!

    Did you happen to catch the recent CSI (original) episode about a hoarder mother and her kids? Just that one (make-believe) ep was enough to make me think twice about watching a show where it's not fiction.

  4. I love, love, love to watch Hoarders! It makes me feel like our place is so clean and organized. And well, it really is, but still.

    I haven't seen the rat/cat episode yet. I will watch it On Demand tonight and think of you while I do.


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