Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Video Fun with Sluggy

Since yesterday's post with the clip from "Kiss Me, Kate" was so well received, I have another one for you today.

My blogging buddy over at I'M SO PRETTY I FART FAIRY DUST mentioned her love of the classic film "Singing In The Rain", so I went digging for a clip to share from that film.  Here is a neat one and probably one you haven't seen very much, if at all.
Everyone knows the "Singing in the Rain" Gene Kelly number and the Donald O'Connor "Make Em Laugh" showstopper, but how about the one I found?

I just love Mr. Kelly and I stand in awe of his abilities, especially since I studied tap dancing.  It may look easy but tap takes incredible Balance to do it well.....something I wasn't born with,
I also took lessons to learn how to roller skate and earned a Badge for it in the Girl Scouts.
Yes, you could say in my younger days I was "Hell on Wheels"

As some one who has tap danced and roller skated, I will tell you that the following clip is tremendously impressive.....



  1. Amazing! I had a friend, in college, that "dance skated". Well she regular skated, too, but she wa a pretty impressive dancer on those things, too.

  2. I put Kiss me Kate on my Netflix queue. Thanks for ideas. I meant to watch these movies some day but never got around to seeing the classics.

  3. Wooo Hooo! I am a former tapper too! I once had to see an orthopedist for a soccer injury and he scoffed at my choice "not much future in that, huh?" Well, in college, I got a part in any musical I wanted because I could tap.

    Get a few drinks in me 25 years later and I'll do a time step or two!!!

    Gene was best of all...

  4. *ecstatic swooning sigh* - thanks, Sluggy!!!!

  5. Just had to come back and watch it here (and on YouTube) another 25 or so times.... *sighing more* Makes me want to tap and skate and sing - none of which I can actually do. But boy I wish I could!!

  6. Frances--That impressive friend didn't do any Disco Skating did she?lol

    April--Glad I could prod

    AlexM--Hey there Dancer Sistah! Gene could clean Fred's clock anyday...
    I am tempted to get some drinks in ya just to see what you can

    Pretty--Swoon away my friend, swoon away... ;-)


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