Monday, January 31, 2011

Meal Plan Monday....January 31st Edition

I'm trying to get back into writing down a Meal Plan for the week.
I run my Meal Plan here at Chez Sluggy from Sunday to Saturday....just so you know.

Here is this week's plan....

Sunday--Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Garlic Potatoes, Gravy, Summer Mix of Veggies in Pepper Sauce
Monday--Potluck Chili, Biscuits or Cornbread(can't decide which)
Tuesday--Macaroni and Cheese , Broccoli
Wednesday--Chicken Parmesan, Salad, Garlic Bread
Thursday--Leftovers-Hubs is not home for dinner
Friday--Kielbasa on Rolls with caramelized Onions, leftover Coleslaw
Saturday--Early Dinner out

Here's why I am serving some of this stuff....

Sunday-- I got a great deal on Saturday on cubed steak, $1.74lb!, so I decided to make this rib-sticker meal.  We even have a big piece leftover for some lucky family member for Leftover Friday!

 Monday--I spent an hour digging through the freezer, reorganizing and finding older things like some skillet steaks and tomatoes from the garden I froze whole and never canned.  I have a container of already cooked ground beef in the fridge to add so it's Potluck Chili time!

Tuesday--Haven't had this dish in awhile.  I've got all the ingredients, so why not?lol

Wednesday--I have some chicken cutlets to use up.  I will have to buy salad greens, but we didn't use the hamburger buns last week for garlic bread so we need to use them for this meal.

Thursday--Hopefully we'll have lots of first rate leftovers for this night.  chicken fried steak, chili, mac and cheez, and maybe some chicken parm.

Friday--I found a ring of Kielbasa in the depths of the freezer.  I have been craving this dish but won't spend $4+lb. for it and it hasn't been on sale around here.  Must remember to stock up when it goes on sale next time....  The coleslaw is leftover from Saturday.

Saturday--Eating out...probably just Hubs and I since Daughter will be off with her friends and #2 son will opt for a night home with WOW and Chicken   In honor of the Chinese New Year we'll probably hit one of our fav. Asian restaurants during Happy Hour(aka discount hour).

As for what I need to buy to implement this plan?  Just some salad greens and maybe a cucumber...whatever I can find inexpensive in the produce dept. at the store this week.
Other than the perennial item on my list, milk, I don't need to buy anything else this week.
There are some Catalina Promos this week at Weis(I might do the Dog Food one)and Coupon Doublers at Price Chopper NE that might lure me out for cheap or free food items.  But other than that, immediate spending for food being eaten this week is about $8.

So what is going to be on your plate this week?

Check out Organizing Junkie's website HERE to see what other Home Cooks are whipping up this week for their families.



  1. It makes me want to learn how to cook. Ah, you know what? Nevermind. I'm too old to start now. But those meals do sound good!
    Your Friend, m.

  2. If I posted my weekly menu, it would be really boring.

    Sunday - Eat what Hubby makes
    Monday - Eat what Hubby makes
    Tuesday - Eat what Hubby makes
    Wednesday - Eat what Hubby makes
    Thursday - Eat what Hubby makes
    Friday - Eat what Hubby makes
    Saturday - Eat what Hubby makes


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