Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Grocery Shop of 2010....Using Up the Freebies! & 1st Shop of 2011.

I still had some free item coupons to use up on December 31st so I hiked up to Weis Markets.

The JollyTime popcorn was BOGO marked down to $2 each as well.  I had 3 x $1/1 Qs, so I ended up paying .25¢ per box.
I had Free Item Qs for the Dole fruit cups so they were better than free since they were marked $2 each and the coupon scanned at $2.59 each.
I also had Free Item Qs for the Cheese so that cost me nothing.
1 box of the Barilla Plus pasta was free and the other 2 were BOGO with the other VocalPoint Q, so $2.19 for both boxes.
I picked up the Weis brand of Rigatoni just because we were out and it was marked down to .79¢ a box.

The best deal was just shy of 5lb. total of Ground Beef at $1.39lb on special.  It's the fatty stuff so I'll just mix this with some lean stuff and use it in recipes where I need more 'moisture' in my meat.

Total OOP....$11.19
Value of items....$44.32
Savings of....$33.13...or 74.75%

Weis also had pork tenderloins, LARGE tenderloins for $1.47lb. last week.  I didn't buy one this trip on Friday, but sent Hubs back up Saturday afternoon and they were out, don't give rainchecks for it and the butchers had left for the day.  But the manager told him to come back early Sunday morning and he's let him have one for the sale price even though the sale was over on!

So Hubs made the 1st food purchase of 2011.....a 10lb. pork tenderloin for $14.75.
Sorry, I didn't get a picture before I hacked that baby
I made 25 boneless pork chop medallions and a good sized pork tenderloin roast which I marinated before freezing. 

Food/Toiletries Spending for January 2011.....$14.75



  1. Great shopping as usual! I love buying large pieces of meat like that pork loin and getting a # of meals out of it. Great price on that!

  2. Precious--The lowest price I've seen in AGES for PLoin!
    I just wish I had room in the freezer to buy TWO!lolol

  3. okay, I need to ask once again - what's the best day/time to try Weis for meat markdowns? I really need to start getting into this more! And somehow I missed this pork loin sale completely :P


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