Friday, January 14, 2011

Lame, Lamer, Lamest......Sucky Coupon Inserts Rant

The Good News is that yes, there were actual Coupons in last Sunday's Coupon Inserts here!
The Bad News is the number and what they were for.

Coupon Insert Score Card  1/9/11

*Smart Source #1

Food Coupons-13
Non Food Coupons-37!!(Mostly for cleaning products I don't buy/use.)

Other "Stuff"
Price Chopper Ad for Light bulbs
Grandma Shoes Offer
Custom Checks Offer
Pseudo Native American Necklace Offer
Address Labels Offer
Rose Bush Offer
Sports Team Christmas Ornament Offer
Satellite TV Offer

*SmartSource #2

Food Coupons-4
Non Food Coupons-9

Other "Stuff"
1 Sweepstakes Entry Form
Mop/Vacuum Rebate Form
Weight Loss Program
Fruit Bush Offer
Another Satellite TV Offer
Another Custom Checks Offer

*Red Plum

Food Coupons-5
Non Food Coupons-7

Other "Stuff"
Eyeglass Deal Offer
Discover Card Ad
Giant PA Ad for facial tissue
Replacement Window Offer
My Favorite.....Porcelain M&M dressed as Elvis Figurine
Yet MORE Custom Checks Offer
Yet another Satellite TV Offer
Porcelain Trinket Box Offer
Jesus/Bible Verse Throw Blanket Offer
Bose Radio System Offer
"Diamond" Ring Offer
Dragon Train Offer
Porcelain Bird Figurine Offer
Pope John Paul Coin Set Offer
Another Weight Loss System Offer
Home Security Offer
Another Eyeglass Offer
A Second of the same Satellite TV Offer

Grand Total
Food Coupons....22
Non Food Coupons....53
Other Offers....32

I might make this a regular feature, just to keep track of how bad it is here and why it makes more sense to pay for clipping service.

Did any one out there get worse coupon inserts than us?
Do tell!



  1. I did not keep track and have already cut them, but I think yours are worse than ours lol ... We got the $6/2 which made buying 8 papers worth it for me! I bought 10 boxes of Motrin PM... so I am happy. Although, last night I had a dream that my baby was climbing on my dresser (she is 4) and was about the size of a doll. lol then she fell off the dresser and I jumped up to get her and she was a can of hairspray. yeah weird. my friends told me the "PM" meds make you have weird dreams. great... just when I found something to help me sleep. lol

  2. I love this blog post. I didnt get the motrin coupon or the tylenol coupon. Buffalo is in the running for worst coupon inserts. You could always get the bed bug sleeping bag.

  3. I think yours were definitely worse, but ours were bad. It's getting to the point that I'm lucky to find 3 or 4 coupons in each Sunday paper that I will use.

    Most of that's my choice, though, because I'm cooking more and more foods from scratch using basic ingredients (that have few coupons), because I make our own bath soaps and household cleaners, because I don't color my hair or wear makeup or use fancy-schmancy moisturizers, because we eat very little boxed cereal (I have a box in the pantry, unopened, that I bought this time last year) and because I don't buy anything that has artificial sweetener in it.

    I'll keep my newspaper subscription for this year, but I'm seriously considering not renewing it next year.

  4. I didn't even get inserts last Sunday (yeah, I complained), so it didn't really matter - LOL! I have pretty much given up on getting really good coupons in our local paper and rely on clipping services and ebay for coupons I really need/want.

    I do love all the extra offer crap in the inserts. Very entertaining :)

  5. I have definitely been cutting out a lot fewer coupons than I was a year ago. Thank goodness for printables.


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