Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Because.....Musical Fun on Tuesday!

Because I feel like it today.
Go watch this.....

It's a number from the classic 1950's musical film Kiss Me Kate.  When I did summer stock I was involved in a production of the stage version of this show.  It always has been one of my favorites since.  Great Cole Porter songs and a fun plot and characters.

The woman is Ann Miller. You may know/remember her as an amazing tap dancer.

Do you recognize her 3 partners are in this number?

The guy in two-toned pink is Kurt Krasznar....a well known Broadway actor who was also in a fair number of films of the 1950's and 1960's, usually in a supporting role.  You probably won't recognize him from this clip since he was heavier in most of his other films but he had a face you might know, even if the name isn't familiar.

The guy in purple is Bobby Van.  A talented dancer/singer of stage and screen and later of tv game shows(Match Game in particular).  His career was cut short by a brain tumor and he died fairly young.

And the guy in red?
Why that's none other than the legendary Mr. Bob Fosse.  Need I say more?

Great stuff!



  1. That was great! I sometimes stop what I'm doing at home and watch these old musicals. I should make my kids perform this number. Except I'd rather not see my three boys in those tight fitting clothes. I almost blushed watching three guys.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. That was so much fun, Sluggy!! Thanks!

  3. How cool is that!! Thank you :) I love the old musicals - my favorite movie of all time is "Singin' in the Rain" and I'll go all slack-jawed and googly-eyed in front of the boob toob for just about any other MGM musical from that era (love Ann Miller!).

  4. Mark--Now THAT is a wonderful idea....maybe you'll find you have a talented theatrical kid or two there. Just don't turn into a stage father. I'll have to come there and smack you if you do.

    Frances--Glad I could make you smile!

    Pretty--I love those old extravaganzas too....


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