Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hopes/Goals for 2011

After a fairly decent result with my 2010 Hopes/Goals I am excited to move ahead with my 2011 ones.

I am going to approach things a little differently in 2011 however.

Just laying out my 10 goals and trying for a  quarterly check-in was ok but it DID allow me to just keep pushing some of the goals to the back burner each month.  I figured I'd concentrate on 1 or 3 each month but that method left many things untouched, especially the sewing goals, of which I accomplished NOTHING in 2010. 8-(

So to change things up in 2011, I am going to make up a "Things To Do" type list at the beginning of each month.  This list will have specific points on it to accomplish or make headway on in that month.

I'll have the Monthly To Do List posted on the right sidebar.  At the beginning of each month, I'll post about the current month's hopes/goals and at the end of the month, I'll do a short post mortem on the List accomplishments(or lack thereof).
As items are dealt with they will be crossed off(if I can figure out how to do that!) and/or blogged about.
Some of y'all may not find this very interesting or helpful but I'm doing it this way for me.....because at the end of the day, it's my blog and it's my way or the highway here. ;-)

 Here is a list of areas in which I want to accomplish something(a goal) in 2011.  
Some months will be heavy in one area but other months will be heavy on another, since some of the goals/hopes are seasonal(taxes, gardening, eBay).  Some of the areas will overlap.  I know I'm not explaining this very well as I am still firming the plan up in my head and inside my head?'s pretty mushy in there.  ;-)

Here are my Topics/Hopes/Goal Areas for 2011.

1.  Paperwork
2.   Organization
3.  Money
4.  Reading
5.  Sewing
6.  Cooking
7.  Gardening
8.  Family Life/Home
9.  Giving Back 
10.  Coupon-ing

Now, the "Big Picture" Overview of my Goals/Hopes for 2011 are, but are not limited to, these.....

1. Put more Money Into Savings.
2. File all the Paperwork that needs filing  and completing it on time.
3. Declutter my entire house and garage, and storage unit(and then stop renting the storage unit).
4. Read 30 books this year, with 75% of them being non-fiction.
5. Finish ALL in progress sewing projects and alter ALL clothing that needs it or give it away.
6. Cook more foods from scratch and phase unhealthy options out of my stockpile.
7. Grow more of the food we eat or source our food from non-grocery chain stores.
8. Use my skills to step up what I do for Others.
9. Be more "in the Moment" for my Family.
10. Organize the running of my Home. 

Now I hope this is all clear as mud to you all.

So tell us dear readers, what areas of your life are you going to be concentrating on making better in 2011?
We need to know!



  1. Wow! Those are some lofty goals. I wish you all the luck in the world making them all.

  2. Wha...? You mean it's 2011 already?

    I think my cats ate my resolution homework. Or something like that.

    ROLF...the word verification is PARDI. So...there's my answer! :)

  3. If you check out my fb page today you can get a HUGE list of book recommendations. I couldn't believe the amount of people that chimed in with their reading material.

    I will be following along this year rooting for you and hoping to do 1/10th as well as you. : )

  4. Getting finances more under control so I can see where it's all going and try to plug those holes if possible :) Read more. Get out of the house and walk more. Get our renos done and -if at ALL possible- get us out of the storage unit we rent each month. Continue decluttering. Continue trying to find other revenue streams. Continue trying to find the positives in life (I really suck at this one, esp the past 3 years - LOL!). And probably lots of other little or sub-category things. Great post!!! I'm looking forward to your monthly goals and post-mortems.

  5. ooh! my knitting! that's another one I want to get back to - my knitting...

  6. Hmmm....well, since my life is pretty much perfect, I don't have any goals for 2011.

    Just kidding!! (Though my life does feel pretty perfect for me.)

    I think one goal will be to get rid of a lot of our "hidden" clutter. In other words organizing all of our storage areas. We seem to have a lot of them, even though we live in a 2 bedroom apartment with no garage.

    I keep thinking we should cut back on our spending some more, but when I look at it, we really do pretty well in that area. I will have to think on it.

    Or just pardi, like Annie Jones.

  7. Have you read My Sister's Keeper? I was so touched by the story. It was about keeping the family closer in times of hardships. If you want a non-fiction book, try Jodi Picoult's books; they are all very inspiring and life-changing. You can check them online, which is very convenient. It will help you decide which book you might be eager to read. My advice for your finances: try to divide your savings every payday into two parts, like long-term savings and short-term savings (for emergencies). And if you have loans, manage it well to keep it in 0% interest.


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