Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Rite-Aid....L'Oreal Deal

This week at Rite-Aid when you buy $15 in select L'Oreal cosmetic products, you get a $5 +Up Reward.
L'Oreal cosmetics are also 30% off this week.  Add in some stacked coupons and you've got yourself a possible moneymaker.

So we went up and did requires access to 2 flu coupon booklets, 3 IP coupons, a $5 off $25 coupon and at least $7 in +Up Rewards to roll.
The 2 tugaboos purchases is optional(don't "need" them for the deal)but if you don't buy them & have a 20% wellness discount(and use $1/1 coupons from inside previous tugaboo packs), your OOP will be slightly higher.  Leave off the Tugaboos and your OOP is $.74 after sales/coupons instead of $.29.
*Also note that store prices on specific products can vary so your 30% off these particular L'Oreal items may be either higher or lower.  Take your calculator and be sure to pick the items that get you over $30 after the discount.
1 x Lash Boosting System reg. $24.95 30% off=$17.46
1 x Infallible Lipstick reg. $9.99 30% off=$6.99
1 x Lip Liner  reg. $8.95 30% off=$6.26
2 x Tugaboo Diaper packs w/wellness disc.$.79 ea.=$1.58

Coupons Used
1 x $5 off $25=$5.00
1 x $2/1 Lash Boosting System IPQ=$2.00
1 x $6/1 Lash Boosting System Flu Booklet Q=$6.00
2 x $2/1 L'Oreal Color Cosmetic item IPQ=$4.00
2 x $3/1 L'Oreal Lipstick or Liner Flu Booklet Q=$6.00
2 x $1/1 Tugaboo item Q from inside previous diaper purchase=$2.00
Coupon Total....$25.00

I used $7 in +Up Rewards and put the $.29 OOP on my Rite-Aid gift card.
I bought $30.74 in L'Oreal so I received 2 x $5 +Ups=$10.
I spent $7 and gained $10, so I am 'up' $3 in +Ups=FREE Cosmetics & more +Ups to roll!

Total Spent....$.29(put on free Rite-Aid gift card)
Value of Items....$45.87
SCR qualified for...$0.00
Gift Cards earned....$0.00
+Up Rewards earned...$10.00
+Up Rewards spent...$7.00
+Up Rewards left to spend....$44.99

GRAND TOTALS--November Rebate Period

Number of Transactions......23
Total Spent....$12.00  put on free Gift Cards/Certificates so ZERO OOP
Value of Items purchased....$1,087.69
SCR qualified for....$12.00
Other Cash....$14.99

Additional Rebates....$10.00
Additional Non-Cash Rewards....$0.00

+UPS Totals for Nov. SCR period
+Up Rewards carryover from 11/15.....$41.99
+Up Rewards spent....$93.50
+Up Rewards earned....$118.49
+Up Rewards left....$44.99



  1. I love it when you do posts like this, good ideas! You get really creative with this Rite Aid game, ya know :)

  2. Thanks for saying what coupons you used. Its so helpful when I start dreaming of getting the deals!

  3. Anon-Thanks for coming to see me today. Well I am not known for being creative but sometimes I just don't want/need the deals the big deal bloggers tout. I figure given enough coupons, you can always come up with your own deals. And since we don't get alot of the Manu coupons in the inserts most parts of the country get, we have to be creative with using what we have. ;-)

    April--You're welcomed. Nice to see your comment!

  4. Me again.. where did you find the Lash booster? I didn't see it in the regular mascara spot. By the way have you used it yet? TIA!

  5. Anon--In my store the Lash Booster was hanging on a rack in front of the L'Oreal display...sort of part of the display racks but more in front of the mascaras.
    Haven't used it tho...


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