Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weis this Week....What is Worth Buying 12/31/09-1/6/10

Here are the Best Deals using coupons at Weis this week.  I am a bit late so you have to get there by Wednesday night as the sale ends then.  Frankly, Weis is a snoozfest this week....MHO folks.lol

BEST DEALS(=Free or almost Free)
Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta  $1.25
--use the $.75/1 ManuQ and if your store doubles it's either FREE or if your store doubles up to $1 it's .25¢ a box

Yakisoba Noodles  $1.00
--use the $.50/1 ManuQ(10/18SS or last week's SS coupon)and if your store doubles it's FREE

All Detergent $3.99
--use the $2/1 ManuQ(12/6RP or 1/3RP) and pay $1.99

Sun Crystals  $2.00
--use the $1/1 ManuQ(11/1RP or last Sunday's insert RP) and pay $1.00 a box(50 ct.)

Buy assorted items(Progresso Soups/Progresso Panko Crumbs/Bunches of Fiber One items/Betty Crocker Warm Delights and/or Gluten Free Mixes/One-A-Day Vitamins/Slim-Fast bars/Ensure Drinks/etc.) Spend $20/Get a $7 OYNO Cat Coupon OR Spend $12/Get a $3 OYNO Cat Coupon

Remember to use the regular shelf price when calculating how much you have spent, Not the sale prices.  There are assorted Manu or IP Qs out there for these things.  Since I am interested in the Progresso and Fiber One items only IF I can get my butt to a Weis that will take IPQs I might do this deal.
But it's far from thrilling and I doubt I can get the totals using Qs down so that subsequent rolling of the Cat will be free or under $2, so I might pass if I can't get motivated.

The BIG NEWS with WEIS this week is they have announced they are going back to a Sunday to Saturday Weekly Sales Ad.  Yep, they are abandoning ship on the old Thursday to Wednesday midweek running Ads as of January 17th or so.

I am conflicted on this change.  On the one hand I always hated this midweek ad because there was never a sales flyer in the Sunday paper, just the midweek paper.  I don't buy mid week papers, just the Sunday one, so if I wanted an actual sales flyer to study I'd have to go to the store to get one just to plan my shopping there.  Which is an extra trip, wasting my gas and just an overall PITA.

The good side of mid week sales was if something was on sale and a coupon came out on Sunday, there was still a few days to get it using the coupon.  Some stores they put something on sale, sale runs Sunday to Saturday, and the day AFTER the sale ends, a coupon comes out.  Having 1 store run midweek, sometimes you could still get said item for cheaper at Weis since the ad was still running past Saturday.  I hope this makes sense.lol

At any rate, goodbye midweek ads, hello Sunday flyer in my paper again! ;-)

So what are you or did you get this week at Weis?  Any deals there you couldn't pass up?
Leave a comment and let us know what ya found!


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  1. I haven't been in Weis since they had that chicken for 0.59/lb special back in late summer. I'm a little surprised by the announcement of moving to a Sunday insert - I kinda figured they always set themselves apart by not getting buried in the mounds of paper advertising on Sundays. But I guess that more and more people are dropping the weekday papers and just getting Sunday papers, so that makes sense...


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