Thursday, February 23, 2023

To-Do List January Edition

Here's what was on my list of things to do in January...........

*  Pay Bills--DONE  All paid, early or on time.

*  Go to many Dr. appointments--DONE  All related to my injury in Maryland.  Six appointments in January counting the stitches removal.

*  Clean and Organize stuff in House--PASS  Though I'm not making much progress as I am restricted on walking around now, Hubs has made great strides in setting up his room.  He's made the bulk of purchases(curtains, rod, bookcases, a locking cabinet and a file cabinet)too and has his room finished.  Go him!  I think I bought a curtain rod and a set of curtains for the bedroom only in January.

*  Clean out Coupon Envie--DONE  Not that this is the monthly chore it use to be as we don't buy the local newspaper for the coupons.  The only coupons I get are printable ones I decide to print or the few that come on Wednesday with the weekly ads.

*  Edit More Photos--PASS  I've kept up with current photo editing.  I need to get some old photos done though.  I could do better here.

*  Post about Old Trips--FAIL  Haven't done any posting on those in January.  Just didn't do it.

*  Work on Genealogy--PASS  I've done a bit in January.  Nothing major.

*  Go to Dentist--DONE  Hubs and I finally got out teeth cleaning scheduled and done in January.  I received bad news on the tooth front(thanks for the bad teeth dad!)so over the next 3 months I'll be spending a lot of time in the dentist's chair before we lose dental insurance at the end of April.

*  Organize Clothes--PASS  With my injury and not being very mobile right now I still have tubs of clothing not hung up or organized.  I had 2 large closets in the PA house to use but haven't figured out where/how to organize my clothing here yet.

*  Move $$ around--DONE  I didn't get the money I wanted to shift around shifted.  This  moves to February.  Not a "big" deal but will result in a little more interest income once it's finished.

*  Celebrate my Birthday--DONE  It was low key but lovely.  I heard from both my sons and my daughter here took me out for the day.
Considering I am limited on movement I had a pretty productive month.  
How was your January?



  1. HEy save the bulk of the work for when SIs and I come out. She will starighten you out in no time!

  2. My January was okay, considering it was a recovery month for me. Financially, it was a solid month. February has been so-so.

  3. January is a month I spent sitting, much like you. Although I imagine you got more done and walked more. Can we see how your leg is looking now?

  4. Glad to hear you are healing up. I paid off my trip to see grandkids late December/early January so that was done.It is 84 degrees here today!!!!Cindy in the South


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