Friday, February 10, 2023

Frugal Friday....the February 10th Edition

 Welcome to Frugal Friday!   

There are a few Frugal win this past week......

*   I had Hubs pick up these Rind dried fruit snacks...........

There was a BOGO offer on them at Kroger on Ibotta and then an Aisle texting app rebate offer(yes Aisle is back in a way-less rebates).  I submitted for both so Free!  I believe this deal is still available if you haven't done it yet.

*  The freebies/moneymakers or almost freebies from last week's grocery trips other than the Rind products---

  *  2 Core protein bars for only .18¢ each
  *  3 travel size Old Spice body wash bottles for moneynakers
  *  Bic Easy Rinse razor for free

*  I found money!
Yes I did.

On the 3rd at Walmart I found a dime at the pharmacy counter and a penny at the checkout machine.  
At Kroger on the 6th, I saw a penny under a self-checkout machine we were not at and didn't get a break in the action on that machine to scoot over there and get it. 8-(

On the 7th Hubs and I got salads at Zaxby's.  When the employee at the drive-thru handed the receipt out the window to Hubs it blew away.  So Hubs got out of the car to retrieve it and picked up another dime and penny on the ground there.  Since I should have rightfully scooped up that change if I wasn't injured he left the change on my side of the bed for me to find. lolz

We had been looking for our coin roll wrappers since moving and Hubs found them yesterday and threw this on my desk.  He had taken the wrappers and the change out of his change cup from his dresser and put it all into a baggie and threw it into a moving box.  He finally opened that box yesterday as he was squaring up his man cave.  Of course this was a couple of days AFTER he went to the bank and asked for coin wrappers meaning we are now swimming in coin wrappers. lol 
He said I could have the change but I am not including it in my found change total.

Total Found in last Week.... .21¢
Total Found this Year....... .36  ¢

*  On Thursday we got a $40 refund check from Hubs eye doctor in PA as they overcharged us for something.  That puppy is going right into the bank though Hubs thinks he should buy beer with it.  Not on my watch darling as you just bought two bottles of wine. ;-)

That's about all I've got for this past week.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!



  1. Other than $5 grocery store sushi, I bought for my lunch, no wins. This week really sucked as far as sales. So I bought my regular ground chuck at both Publix and Fresh Market for the middle kid’s tacos and hamburgers for the weekend. I did buy a packet of spinach at Publix and will probably run to Aldi to get a carton of little tomatoes and check out their egg prices because the prices stink everywhere else. I also forgot to get my Swiss cheese because I am just so “bless my heart” this week. Lolz Cindy in the South

    1. update: went to Target and got the kid his chips on sale for $2.99 (regular $3.49), the only cheese dip he will eat at the moment, Queso Blanca Dip Tostitos, 2 for $8 (which is not much of a bargain but he will eat it), Target brand of salsa dip on sale for $2.49, Target brand of Good Gaiter mustard, Mayo, and black pepper, Swiss cheese for $2.49,Target brand. Of course I forgot the little tomatoes and bananas bc I forgot to take my list with me. Whatever…I will just use other food I have on hand. I am done with stores for the week I hope. Cindy in the South

  2. Do you blog from your phone how do u transfer your pictures

  3. ha ha ha.... I would have bought the beer!

  4. I’ve been cleaning the pantry and found some old stuff hidden on the sides. Almost tossed some items with a 2019 best by date but decided to try them first. Crackers and fiber wafers were surprisingly fine. A jar of peanuts smelled foul so I didn’t taste them.

    Jen G.


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