Sunday, February 5, 2023

What's Happening Around Here

We celebrated my birthday two Saturdays ago.........

At a nice Chinese Restaurant connected to a seedy motel.  They had a dark beer from Brazil called Xingu.  It was the closest thing to a Guinness I could find on their menu.  That's my yearly Birthday Beer.

Me checking the giant incense burner, at least I think that's what it is. lol

Then it was off to get my Birthday cake......

Since it's Mardi Gras Season here, do what the natives do, get a King Cake!  This one serves 20-24 people or 10-12 Cajuns according to the information they give out. ;-)

Around these parts this is where you come for the best King Cake around, a Hardware Store that's everything  Mardi Gras too in the Season.

You pose with their Giant Baby(like the ones they bake into a King Cake.

I posed wearing culturally insensitive to some Mardi Gras beads.

Not like these beads were much better.......lolz

Down here, Mardi Gras is not just a day of celebrating before Lent, Mardi Gras is a Season that runs all through January up to Fat Tuesday whenever it falls somewhere near the end of February.  
This hardware store is Mardi Gras Central in this part of Louisiana.  Racks and racks of beads, King Cakes, boxes of miniature Moon Pies, Doubloons, mini footballs, mini frisbees, masks, Hula hoops and everything else the Krewes throw from the parade floats.  Since it was a weekend the place was jammed with people picking up Mardi Gras parade paraphernalia.  Everyone was wishes us a Happy Mardi Gras too.

Here I am in a miniature hat ready for Mardi Gras........

All these years I thought my birthday was in such a depressing Wintery Season.  I was just not living where the "Bon Temps Rollez" until now.

It has rained all week here....the first Sunny day was Friday.  I think Louisiana needs to rethink how they divide up the year.  This place is more like Central America with a dry season and a rainy season.  We are definitely in the rainy season now.
Just take a look at these photos of our yard.........

Yes, those are old boats in the distance.  I told Hubs we need to drag them closer to the house just in case we need to use one to evacuate. lolz

This is our own personal "bayou" in the front yard near the driveway(if you can call it a driveway).....

A couple other "lakes" out on the side yard. 

Even the Wound Care place is all decked out for the Season with purple, green and gold fleur de lises........

It has been a heck of a week this past week but not in a good way.  4 out of 5 days saw me going for medical tests(I passed with flying colors!), wound care(no power washing, hooray!)and a tooth extraction.  I am now moving onto the 2 times a week Wound Clinic where they are increasing the compression on my leg to get this thing healed up  Go Me.
The only thing is all this bandaging on my leg goes down onto my foot and I can't get my shoe on that foot.  I have been reduced to going around in public in slippers.  **face palm**  I never thought I would end up a "Person of Walmart".  What's next?...wearing pajamas in public??! 



  1. The little Mardi Gras hat is perfect on you. I hope it went home with you!!

  2. Yes make sure your pj's are festive, and have you had your beignets

  3. My back yard looks like a moat surrounds it at my work house. This swampy town in south central Alabama is as flat as Louisiana. My car has gotten stuck in my driveway before so I feel ya! I have to head to Roll Tide town where at least my little bitty retirement house is on a slight hill and I won’t have to call a tow truck! Love King Cakes! Mobile, Alabama also celebrates Madi Gras, as well as the coastal towns of Alabama and Mississippi. It is a happy season. Cindy in the South

  4. Not envying you all the medical stuff!

    When I kept reinjuring my left ankle and foot about a decade ago, I discovered that my very adjustable Birkenstock sandals were a life saver! My favourite pair (currently in need of new footbeds due the abuse) had triple adjustable upper straps, plus an adjustable back strap. They look a bit more feminine and decent with dresses/skirts.

    The other pair essentially is the Arizona slide (two adjustable upper straps) with an adjustable back strap. A bit clunkier looking than the triple strap (mine are 35 years old and I haven't seen them for sale in over 25 years), but they do the job and stay on my feet! LOL That is critical when I already am struggling with an injury.

    Just in case you might be looking for footwear that can be used later! They do require a break-in period so the footbeds mold to your feet. I have very high arches and love them. My BFF has almost flat feet and doesn't care for them. She prefers flip-flops, which I can't wear! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. I listened to the entire video while I was doing other things, because I had to. I still think my favorite Mardi Gras music is by Professor Longhair.

  6. Sounds like a fun birthday! Hope that your yard dries up; that is a lot of water. Is the king cake tasty? I've never had one before, but I've always wanted to try one.
    Hope that you found the baby, and that your new life in La will be filled with good luck and good times.

  7. Oh Sluggy, the Person of Walmart comment slayed me. Glad I wasn't taking a sip from my cuppa when I read it.

  8. mm, Lucky Palace in Bossier! Hubby's family loves the shrimp busters at Herbie K's in Shreveport, have you been there yet? Tish

    1. Hi Tish, Haven't been to Herby K's yet since moving here or on our many trips down here, but it's on the list. 8-)


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