Friday, September 9, 2022

Frugal Friday....the September 9th Edition

* I've had this decal of Queen Elizabeth on my car for a few years now.

Just last week a Rite-Aid customer saw her and wanted to know how I got a photo of his grandmother on my car! lolz  

So sorry to hear of Elizabeth II's passing away yesterday.  With her being a very distant cousin it saddens me greatly to loose another leaf on my extended family tree.  She seems to have been the heart and soul of the UK and her constant graceful and dignified presence will be missed by the whole world. Godspeed to you mum and long live King Charles III.

Here's what went on this past week at Chez Sluggy........

*  Another 3 loads went to Salvation Army this week.

*  I used all my Bonus Cash up.  I even bought one of the employees some stuff to use the BC up since I didn't want to bring 1 more thing home to pack and move. Plus he's a good kid(21 so not a kid!)and hard to gift anything to so potato chips it was. lol

*  Another HUGE load went to the food bank this morning(as well as one the previous week).

*  I gave away another bunch of stuff to my friends at Rite-Aid this week.

*  Been packing up what we are taking with us in this move.  Dear Lord, so much packing!!

*  Went to my last dermatology appointment in Hershey.  The closest dr. who treats HS will be 3 hours away in Dallas once we move.  Ugh!

*  I found money this past week!                  

 I found two pennies at Rite-Aid on one of my trips in to say goodbye to everyone.  One penny by the feminine products aisle and the other in the foyer on my way out.

My kids had a massive tub of Legos they left here when they grew up/moved out.  I had to sift through it all to remove crap mixed in with the Legos before I could donate it all to Salvation Army.  Bits of crayon, pencil, pens, paper clips, little plastic army men, candy wrappers, dog hair, etc. were weeded out before I got tired of that chore and just threw out 1/3 of the Legos.  I did find these two pennies in my sifting-one US and one Canadian(which they don't make anymore).

Then I found a nickel in my car on Wednesday when I was cleaning it out getting ready to pack it.  No clue who left it there.

Total Found in last Week.... .09¢
Total Found This Year.....$15.19

*  The large dumpster got carted off yesterday late morning.  It was totally full!

Goodbye old friend.  Now we await the massive packing POD this afternoon and the boys arrive on Saturday to move everything into it.

It had better be massive as we still have tons of shit to move(and still some packing needs doing).

*  We've been eating up leftovers and random stuff in the pantry which has made for some strange meals.  Wednesday we stopped at Bob Evans for an early dinner on the way back from my last dr. appointment at Hershey.  Last night, tiring of leftovers, we got Chinese takeout.  Tonight will be leftover Chinese and Saturday will be Domino's pizza and salad for the crew, using gift cards.  Sunday night will probably Subway using a gift card.  I haven't been to the grocery store since last week when I spent a whole $1.99.

That's about all I've got for this past week.  

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!

This is my last post for the foreseeable future.  I'll be MIA until whenever I get down to Louisiana and set up(and rested).  Wish us luck on the actual move journey!



  1. Good luck my dear, can't wait to see you!

  2. I'd have found room for the Legos! Someone will be tickled to find them in Salvation Army. They're a hot commodity for kids of all ages that like to build. It's nice that you gifted your rite ade pals. Good luck these last week's.

  3. Holy shit! Shit being the key word! LoL That's a lot of shit to toss!

  4. Chips for the kid--perfect. It's too bad your doctor for HS will be so far away. Three hours is a long drive! I have wanted to get legos for Tommy. Maybe I can find the ones you

  5. Best of luck to you! Understand fully that you won’t be posting, but if you possibly can, just give us a sentence or two on your status so we know you’re okay. Safe travels.


  6. Good luck! Safe travels! Hope all goes well and hope you will be able to get some rest soon. Moving is hard work.

  7. Hope your move goes very smoothly! Will miss your posts in the meantime.

  8. Our daughter is 3 hours from Dallas and she recently drove there for a concert. She said the ride was not too bad from Austin. She also visited a friend in Fort Worth just outside Dallas and liked that area a lot. She's considering relocating and is planning a return trip to check the area out a little more. I know how much work is involved with moving. It's emotionally draining too. Wishing you all the best for your trip south.

  9. Will you continue to look for change down south

  10. Happy moving! It is so good that you got through all the years of debris, even if it has been long and arduous. We have been in our house 30 years and my husband is a keeper of things, so I would love the chance to “have” to do a big clean out! Good luck with the move and remember to take a weekend off, once you get there, of unpacking to rest up. You can spread out the work a bit, it will still be there when you tackle it after the weekend off ;). Hilogene in Az.

  11. Good luck on the move! Hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

  12. I picked another bag of green beans and the cherry tomatoes still won’t stop. Found some clearance pool chemicals at Kroger that should be fine for next year. Six more work days to go and I’ll be a stay at home mother of cats. And the dog.

    Jen G.

  13. Best wishes for a safe and uneventful move, Sluggy. 😊

  14. I hope the S. Army was cooperative. The ones in my area are very picky now what they will receive.


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