Monday, September 19, 2022

The Great Moving Adventure.....Well Maybe Not So Great? Day One

 So when last we saw our intrepid travelers they were packing up their lives and stowing it in a POD and the overflow into 1.5 storage units.  FYI-those PODS don't hold as much as they say/you think.  And doing all this on very little sleep in the span of two days after sleeping on air mattresses or aa mattress on the floor before stuffing two cars full of more crap and two dogs.

On Monday they headed out but not at the butt crack of dawn(after carrying the single mattress into the POD and shoving the air mattress into the trunk of one of the cars).  The plan was to leave at 9ish am but when Sluggy went to start her car it was dead.  So they wanted on the towing place to send a guy to jump the battery.  In reality they left the house at 11am along with a $55 bill they weren't expecting. rah.

Making stops for food was tricky since they had two dogs(one in each car).  They had to time food procurement with rest areas so the dogs could potty and/or eat too with their humans as dogs can't be left in a car while they dined in style inside a restaurant(fast food or dive).  This took a lot of planning timing it all.

Not my car but you get the gist of what it all was like.

They stopped for gas outside of Hershey PA and then hit a rest stop with an enclosed dog park for the pooches.  Dog Parks with trucks whizzing by are not conducive to doggies doing their business is all I'm going to say.  They then stopped outside of Harrisonburg VA for gas and Subway late lunch/dinner.  The subs were carried to the next rest stop along I-81.  They ate and fed and potty-ed the pups and then continued on their way.  The driving alone, without stops, to the motel in Marion VA was 7.5 hours long.  Having left so late due to Sluggy's car issue meant they got in after dark which was not optimal as your slug doesn't see well driving in the dark anymore.  Plus slug had to drive the lead car in the little convoy.   Slug noticed once at the motel that her cell phone was down to 5% charge.  For some reason though the phone was plugged into her car, it wasn't recharging.  This became a worry they didn't need.

Finally got into the motel around 10pm, brought in what was needed for the night for the weary travelers and the dogs and hit the beds for some shut eye.  Slugs' eyes closed before her head hit the pillow.

Day Two to come.



  1. No wonder you were so tired since you had to drive all the way. Somehow, my feverish mind thought about taking turns driving. Even though I can still drive in the dark, that drive would make me too tired to drive in the dark or at all. I can recommend the car charger we have that successfully charged the battery to start several times in two days. Then, we had to get a starter.

  2. One of the hardest things I've done in m life is move 1168 miles away with 2 cars, a dog and 3 cats. Our trip started out a little rocky too. Just as we were getting on the on ramp to get on the highway, one of our cats pooped her crate. We had to pull over and clean it up. I said I'd never move like that again and so far I haven't. I also can't drive at night. Looking forward to part 2 of your adventure.

  3. Oh poor, friend. That already sounds grueling. I hope now it's behind you, you're slowly recovering and settling.

  4. Wow, what an adventure. Those battery people take a while to show up. I’m like you can’t see to drive at dark anymore.

  5. My deepest sympathy! I hear you on long distance moving with pets. Add me to those who can't see to drive at night.

  6. Ugh, I'm sorry. Sounds exhausting, and that is just the first day. Hope the rest of the trip was better.
    You were in my area on I-81, but not much to see on the interstate. If it wasn't dark, you could have seen the water tower that is painted like a hot air balloon in Wytheville or the hot and cold water tanks in Marion. :D

  7. Oh dang Slug...You brought back memories from my adventures. Our mistake was that we packed up the truck, and then attempted to drive thru the night. We should have drove for a few hours, get a hotel and sleep, then take off.

  8. oh it sounds exhausting! now comes the unpacking...

  9. Sounds like an exhausting trip...but hope there's a little excitement mixed in there somewhere.



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