Friday, November 10, 2017

Frugal Friday.....November 10th Edition

In terms of making $$ it was a good frugal week here at Chez Sluggy.

* I received two liquor rebate checks in the mail this week.  Actually receiving liquor rebates you send away for in PA is hit or miss on whether you actually get them.  I bought some booze in Wisconsin while visiting cousin Sonya Ann this Summer that had rebate hang tags so I sent away for the rebates and I actually finally received two of the three sent away for.  (The other one was received in September.)

* I listed some Box Tops for Education points on eBay and they sold within 3 days!  I listed them as a Buy It Now item but I also received Best Offers.  I got a Best Offer the first day of HALF the price I listed the items for, which I declined.  Then I got a 60% of my price Best Offer and considered it.  Then I looked and found that the person offering me this deal was also selling BTFE points on eBay for the same price I was selling my lot for!  My first thought was that they wanted my listing gone(and they'd turn around and resell my lot for a teeny tiny profit).
So I declined that offer as well.  A few hours later someone bought the lot for full price. Yay!
Thanks to fellow blogger Belinda for her advice and help with this as I've never sold this sort of thing on eBay.   8-)

*  Remember those TRU gift cards I got for free?  Well instead of trading 2 of them for Amazon gift cards I went ahead on a different gift card exchange site and sold them for cash.  The price to sell them immediately to the site was $18.75 but I could list them on the site at the price I set(I chose $21 each)and wait for a buyer.  Since there were no TRU gift cards listed at that time on the site I had no competition and within 1 hour of listing them I had sold both.  I'll get a check for $42 in about a week as the website has mailed the check this week.  So now I can maybe purchase the coffee grinder elsewhere if I find a lower price or I'll have more cash than I thought and can purchase it on Amazon as planned.  Gotta keep those options open, right?

*  I got a set of coupons for Kohl's in the $8 off any priced purchase(so $8 free)and a $10 off a $25 purchase good on Nov. 10th only.  I'll probably take my daughter Friday evening to Kohl's to see if we can find her something to wear for right around $25.  I also have a 20% Q when I use my Kohl's card to pay so we'll be able to reduce the price of whatever she finds a better deal.
Of course this frugal thing means spending $ but by using all the possible tricks to not spend as much it helps me feel better about having to spend.

*  Hubs and I went out for lunch to our usual spot, Bob Evans, on Thursday since we were out running errands.  The waitress was a bit unorganized and forgot to get our drinks so after bringing this to the attention of management we got our drinks for free and I didn't have to pay for the upgrade to substitute a salad for a side dish.  I also used a 20% Q for the meal.

What frugal things did you attempt this past week?



  1. So you get paid to drink? That sounds like such a deal to me:)

  2. I have some Kohls coupons to layer-will need to think on our Christmas shopping list for extended family and see where I can best come out. We skipped a meal out-hubs has gotten funny lately and is always suggesting we go out, but I made some boneless skinless chicken tenders and we had sandwiches on three remaining toasted Ciabatta buns. Better than burger out-they were delicious.

  3. Not going to stores helped. I did not stay home to save money, but it helped. Well, the tank of gas is lasting me for at least two weeks instead of one week.

  4. I'm so glad you sold the boxtops at full price, SLuggy. There are plenty of people who will pay full price for them, so I'd hold out for that, like you did. Thanks for the shout out too. :)

  5. I have been saving tp tubes to sell. How do you figure the full price on the boxtops?

  6. Typical week here. Did a good job staying out of stores. No eating out, not even a coffee. My fun frugal idea for the week--I enter many instant win type contests online. In an attempt to win a cash prize I ended up winning a pool float. Yeah. No pool here. So guess where my daughter's BFF is sleeping tonight? Pool float repurposed into an air mattress! And it happens to have our favorite brand of string cheese on it. �� The girls laughed and my son Snapchatted it. So I guess free entertainment too.


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