Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Rite-Aid, Produce Run, Buffet & Clean Garage

I had to take Hubs to the eye doc last Friday so I hit a few stores where the doc's office is located.  Oh goody another Rite-Aid to plunder! lol

They had Dr. Pepper flavored lip gloss at this store so I did the Lip Smackers/Jesse's Girl/Julie G deal on Daughter's card.  I hadto get a vanilla since they only had 3 DPs.
.75¢ OOP, in Plenti Points, no cash and 4 more lip gloss to add to my stash.
There won't be any more Rite-Aid pillaging for me until the Black Friday sale.

Then it was next door to the Big Lots just to look around..........

Anybody need a flamingo in a Santa hat?
How about a squirrel similarly attired?

I did get a few items off their food clearance rack-2 big bags of Chips Ahoy! and a jumbo box of peanut butter cracker sandwiches.  The box was about 6 times the size of the one pictured below.

I hit Maines restaurant supply too while I was out as they had some good produce deals I wanted to partake of........

I have a homemade "root cellar" I keep in my garage.  It's basically a 10 gal. plastic storage tub with newspaper for added insulation.  I keep all my root veggies and onions in it.

Maines had a variety of 10 lb. bags of veggies on sale for $2.88 last week-carrots, onions, red and white potatoes and beets.  I picked up 2 x onions(20 lbs.), a red taters and beet bag.  Thinking back I should have gotten the carrots too.  I also bought sweet potatoes and rutabagas as both were .58¢ and .68¢ a lb. respectively.
With the taters and onions and 1 lone sweet potato I already had in my root cellar there was not room enough for another 40 lbs. of veg in there!

Luckily I commandeered one of my 18 gallon Rubbermaid tubs to put all that overflow of product into.  I had an empty tub because of this.........

I bought a dining room buffet cabinet last week.

A few years back I donated my oak country-style dining room table, chairs, buffet and hutch to Salvation Army.  When I did that I had to pack up all my "good" dishware and store it in tubs in the garage(what I didn't also get rid of when the furniture went).
Now that the new floors are in, the walls fixed and painted and the trim done it was time to fill that room again.

I didn't want a massive dining room set as it's a smaller space really.  Hubs and I looked at local furniture stores and looked some more and could find nothing that was acceptable in all three criteria-size, price and style.  I didn't want a buffet with a hutch sitting on top as those would just dwarf this room. I found this one on Overstock dotcom and loved it.  So I went online found a coupon to get it cheaper and bought it.  Even with the tax added it still came out $32 cheaper than their regular price. Plus I went through a cash back rebate site and got 1% back in cash.  ;-)

After it arrived early last week, amidst much cursing and gnashing of teeth Hubs but this mother of tinker toy kit together(with help from me as I am good at reading drawings and diagrams).  By Friday evening I was dragging out tubs of dishware from the garage.

Hubs was in charge of washing everything.

More odds and ends I need to find a home for.  Disregard the eBay

I found stuff in some of the tubs that I had forgotten I had!

While I was dragging out and cleaning stuff we did a little clutter purging too......

And I am still filling the thing with dishware, flatware and linens.  And now the room will look a bit more "together" come Thanksgiving.  We are still using my collapsible table and dragging chairs from the kitchen to eat in there though for Turkey Day.

Some items the Daughter wants or are hers(inherited from her grandmothers)so I filled one of the newly emptied tubs with her stuff, marked it and it's going back in the garage soon.

And speaking of garages...........

I spent a good part of Sunday in the cold out in the garage organizing and tidying the stockpile.  Kim you will notice almost ALL the cans are now off the floor....woohoo!
And I have another almost full load of "stuff" for Salvation Army and a load of toiletries and laundry detergent for the Food Bank. 

And this blurry shot has all the shelving neat and orderly finally and the floor swept out.
The other side of the garage is still a bit of a hot mess after dragging out tubs....things need to be put back, rearranged and tidied there still.

So that's what I was up to over the weekend.
Now I am in eBay hell as my auctions ended yesterday.
Plus I have lots of errands to run, Rite-Aid, PO, grocery stores.

What have you been up to?



  1. I am so proud to you! Hey check out second hand stores in your area for a small dining set and paint it like I did. I love the hutch. Especially the different colored doors.

    1. IF we had second hand stores, just Salvation Army and I'll be dead and gone before I find what I want in there....unless I donate it to them. lol I know exactly what I want I just don't want to spend the $ for it. ;-)

  2. Love the buffet! I’m in such a small home that that would never fit.
    I like to see how people store their stockpile, too. Woooeeeeee, you have a bunch! That’s got to be ten times what I have. Nice job!

    1. Thanks Debbie. I want to whittle it down though since Daughter will be moving out when she finishes college and we'll be selling this house.

  3. Great buffet! I need something like that but have nowhere to put it :(

    1. We had one the same length in there before but it had a hutch top and just looked so big. This one is much better.

  4. Wow. Your garage is like a store! Very impressive stockpile.

    Love your new buffet! Probably felt like an early Christmas present unearthing all those forgotten treasures!

  5. Would love to win and use as stocking stuffers.

  6. LOVE the buffet. It looks like it would match any decor.

    Busy like always. Lunch with friends (cheaper than therapy), kids to the orthodontist, babysitting sick niece, picking up new glasses, football championship bonfire/pep rally, Christmas shopping...on and on. :)

  7. The hutch looks great. We are busy going through stuff too! It feels good to hoe out!

  8. I have been buying from Lowe's bulbs for onions, garlic, and planted potato eyes. You can read about the Lowe's sale--75% off. You or hubs could just stick those in ground and they would be ready come spring. I plan to never buy onions, garlic, or potatoes again.


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