Monday, November 27, 2017

Anybody Out There Do Retail Arbitrage? I Gots A Question....

Ok, I'm in the midst of listing some items on eBay and I have a large item that needs to ship Fedex.
eBay wants me to choose a shipping category called "Fedex Smart Post" instead.

I don't quite understand something so if anyone out there sells on eBay, Amazon or some other platform and you have used this hybrid shipping option, please email me so I can ask you something.

I know it's basically a Fedex service but Fedex hands it off to the US post office for final delivery.
Do I need to find a Fedex retailer to drop it off at or what?  And will the Fedex retail location accept this eBay generated paid for shipping label?




  1. I sell on eBay not amazon. I would go to their web pages or call them to get the answer. is full of information about selling on eBay. Maybe gooooogle will have an answer.

  2. I don't gots an answer, but I'm curious about your question. I've never heard of that kind of delivery.


    1. You ever order anything via Fedex and find the PO delivering to your mailbox/door? That's Fedex Smart Post evidently. It's handy if you have a PO box address since reg. Fedex doesn't deliver to those. It gets mixed reviews however on being quicker than either the PO or Fedex though.

    2. Boxes simply appear at my door. I usually don't see who brings them. What I do hate is that the delivery people inevitably put the box directly in front of the storm door so that I can't open the door without knocking over the box. The boxes then complain that they have bruises and are sore because I'm mean to them.


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