Tuesday, June 21, 2016

More Genealogical Discoveries......My Synchronistic Life

Well I was working on my SUBLETT lines this morning and I uncovered two more cousins you may know of.

Actually I "visited" with them Spring of 2015 on our Louisiana Road Trip while we were traveling through Western Kentucky.

If you are a longtime reader you might remember me taking a selfie in Central City KY with this memorial to two natives of that city.

You can read about that part of the trip HERE.
(The pertinent part is near the end of that post.)

Yes, Don and Phil Everly aka The Everly Brothers are my 8th cousins 1 x removed.
Their 3 x Great Grandmother was a SUBLETT by birth, Mary "Polly" Sublett.
Mary Sublett's Great Grandfather, Jacques "James" Sublett, was a brother to my 7 x Great Grandfather, Pierre Louis "Peter Lewis" Sublett.

So let's go back into our time machine and listen to some of their hits...........

Here's a strange clip from 1970.....by then they were already retro. lolz

Another clip of them late 1960's with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans......

Incidentally I am cousins with Roy Rogers(aka Leonard Slye)too, through his mother, Mattie Womack.
My blogger friend, Jay, who died last year, was cousins with him through Roy's Father, Andrew Slye, and the Slye line.

A music video they made in 1984 of one of their hits......

One of their last appearances with Simon & Garfunkel is located HERE.

And Don Everly appeared the year Phil died in this concert....

I told College Boy about his famous musical cousins, ya know, thinking he'd be impressed and enthused to be genetically related to people in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
He had never heard of them.

Seriously?!  The boy is into music and had no CLUE who they were/are.  Where did I go wrong and fail him that he doesn't know them.


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  1. Good Grief! The things you find are amazing. I mentioned something common to a young person last week and was met with a blank expression. Am I THAT old. Maybe you need to play some of this stuff for him. Who would not appreciate the Everly brothers? You definitely related to every white person in America.


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