Sunday, June 26, 2016

Frugality These Days at Chez Sluggy

I haven't talked about frugality lately, that is, if you don't count my meal planning/menu posts on Monday.

So what kinds of frugal things has Sluggy been up to?

Not much really.
Other than working the grocery stores to spend as little as possible, meal planning and incorporating leftovers into the menu, I've not done much.

I haven't been actively trying to make more money but then again, I haven't been out spending unnecessarily either.

No Rite-Aid trips except for medications.
Oh, there was an issue earlier in the week when College Boy picked up his meds.....they overcharged him because they didn't put the Rx through on our prescription plan.
So I called and asked WTF?!? and got the difference refunded.
Yay me.

Daughter used a discounted gift card I already had to get a pair of pants for work at no cost to her.
Ok so this didn't actually save me anything but it did her.

We haven't eaten any meals out since last Saturday so no Eating Out spending for a solid week.
Daughter and BF went out to eat Saturday night rather than eat leftovers but Hubs and I stayed home and ate what was here.

Speaking of eating out.......College Boy's friend cleans the local BK at night so he gets freebies there sometimes.  He gave CB some of those new Mac & Cheetos things the other night......

If you haven't heard about this new "food"(using that term loosely)it's mac and cheese nuggets shaped into Cheetos shapes and then covered in Cheetos dust/crumbs/whatever.

They look like turds warmed over and the nibble I took told me they are not something I'd spend my good money on.

Ok, maybe if you are drunk or stoned out of your mind you'd enjoy these but keep your eyes closed while eating them. lolz
I fed the 3/4 of the one I tried to Daughter's dog and she gobbled it up and hasn't died yet.
I just wonder how many named chemicals are in those things? bleh.

I've stayed home all week except to hit the grocery store.
I've spent time moving crap around, putting other crap into boxes to take to donate, vacuuming, paying bills and figuring out how to arrange and then moving furniture in the house.
And getting Daughter to move her and BF's stuff so it's not strewn all over the house.

Remember the Salvation Army truck that didn't pick up my stuff?
Well, I took photos of all the stuff and posted it all for FREE on my town's tag sale FB page on Friday afternoon and as of 5 pm Saturday it's all gone!!

I must have had 50 people wanting various things.
Even after I posted it was all taken I had people posting wanting things.

I guess giving stuff away is really anti-frugal but this frees up space in the house so well worth getting rid of it all.
Once we get the daybed, other exercise bike and the dreadmill moved I will feel a whole lot less anxious about things in the house.

I did go out early in the week....or was it last week, I can't remember.....and bought myself these.......

Purple pint canning jars!
I have lusted after these since they came out but couldn't see myself spending a premium because the jars were purple.
So I waited and bided(bode?) my time.
Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)had them cheap plus I had a 15% my order coupon so I picked up 2 packages(12 jars)for just over .50¢ after tax.
Much better than the $18.49 for 6 they are going for currently on Amazon.

That's about all from Chez Sluggy.
What's going on at your house?



  1. There have been no ads about those cheese things at Bk or coupons to try them. If those two cannot eat leftovers, maybe they are not saving too hard to move out. ??? It will be interesting to hear how you handled the issues in the last post.

  2. Would love to hear a week update on your recent family trials. Good for you for not eating those weird,things. You sound very health conscious!

  3. You don't need to be frugal right now. You just need to figure out how to live in the new normal.

  4. Dogs eat their own poop sometimes so it doesn't say much for the mac n cheese nuggets lmfao :) Sometimes giving away crap is best, clears the mind, and helps others in the process. You made a lot of people happy giving your crap away - that is worth something

  5. I think you are doing great. It is easy to keep plugging along frugally when you don't have a house full of people. Sometimes, we just tread water and that's an accomplishment. I love you and think you are doing great.
    Oh and I'm not eating fried turds.

  6. those cheesy things sound so bad as to try them.

  7. Okay, not a fan of Burger King, so will NEVER try those mac and cheese things.... Sounds like you are living the dream, menu planning, etc. I'm right there with ya!
    I have a houseful of people living with me right now, but it should end tomorrow. Frugality was not happening in the month of June for us. But I'm about to take a sharp turn towards savings! LOL

  8. Being frugal doesn't have to be bells & whistles all the time. I think you do an amazing job, every day - you've got the good habits down.

    I haven't been to a Burger King in nearly 20 years. Those mac & cheese whatevers are not the thing that is going to bring me back.

  9. Bahaha! My daughter and I were laughing about the Mac & Cheese Cheetos from BK just the other day. We won't be trying those anytime soon. lol

  10. Ugh-who would sit around thinking menu ideas and believe that's a winner? I agree with Sony Ann about a new normal then let your old habits settle back in. I hope no one bridges daughter and BF about going out once in a while. You and hubs need the break and they still need to figure out their budget and life.


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