Thursday, June 2, 2016

We Bought A House....Yay?

Part of the reason for our road trip to Louisiana this year was to do a bit of business there.

I won't go into all the reasons for our decision but we ended up purchasing our Daughter's house from her.

The whole situation down there is complicated at best and toxic at worst and most of it is really not my story to share.

I'll just say to my Daughter made some not-so wise choices and didn't keep firm and ridged boundaries when dealing with some folks in her life and let them take wild advantage of her good heart and finances.
But then again, did I mention it's complicated?

Let's just leave it there.
In the end we bought her house and in the short term we will be landlords to some almost-familial tenants until the end of the year.
We aren't totally happy about this but it seemed the best way to help her extricate herself from a situation heading down the tubes and back on track to finishing her degree.

Our cash has taken a hit but hey!, we own another house so another valuable asset in our portfolio, right?  ;-)

When we move the current tenants out we really don't know what we'll do with the property.

I figure there are 3 options at that point........
1. Keep it and continue to rent it out at market rate.
2. Keep it and use it ourselves/retire there.
3. Fix it up and sell it.

But I can't worry about any of that right now.
I have enough stress on me with Daughter moving home and trying to fit everyone into this house again.
Plus my health has decided to go kerflooey suddenly.

So that's what is going on.
Daughter arrives with all her worldly possessions next Thursday.

At least our house isn't that one I looked at around here a couple of years remember this lovely gem?

What WAS I thinking? lolz



  1. Replies
    1. I guess haters gonna hate, right Anonymous?
      You have no CLUE what is going on here so
      either grow a pair and leave a name or go away.

    2. Slugmama - sometimes in life we get to help the ones we love and it is a blessing that you and hubby were in the position to help.

  2. Looks like my kitchen, hee, hee. Oh Slugster don't we all do stupid things in the name of love, now you are a landlord.

    1. Well SHE did stupid, I am damage control.
      As long as you have a sink your kitchen can't be that bad! lolz

  3. Don't overdo you know you get sick when you over do. Okay dumb advice from a person who has the middle name over do.

  4. I say if you are able to help with out putting you and DH in financial trouble then help! But please go easy, you need to stay healthy.

    1. Well said ms sandie. I hope you get healthy too. All that money is with nothing if you are not healthy,l and able bodied. Put your health first! As for the anon. Yeah seems a bit blunt shall we say. But don't bully them. Just an opinion. Not one you'd agree with. But just some feedback. Stay well and may your family stay blessed.

  5. Sorry you aren't feeling well, Sluggy. I hope your daughter settles in nicely and you can relax a bit.

  6. Well, I'm glad things worked out without having to call in the authorities. lol...And to the anonymous commenter...I know (most of) the story and Sluggy is not an enabler. She is a great mom and her hubby is a great dad.

  7. Those pics make my own mess not look so bad! Lol. Hope you are feeling well. Be sure to take care of yourself first!

  8. Easy for me to say don't let the stress get to you but harder to do, I know. Seems to be two camps of parents. Those who help as much as they can and those who throw their kids to the wolves and wonder why they have no relationship with those kids. Cheryl

  9. Sluggy, making lemonade out of lemons-I like your style. Focus on triage: get DD home, settled and in school. Then take a spell and breathe . . this too, shall pass. : )

  10. the stress of the situation has put your health in jeopardy. :(

    I hope you take some time for yourself and that this whole dilemma will sort itself out in a positive manner.

  11. I can probably list things two pages long where I and mine have been helped in large and small ways, when some decision didn't result favorably. We live in our current house, one much nicer than anything we could have bought at the time with the same money becasue of help through a back door deal that my sister got us in on. DH and I both moved back home between college and marriage which helped us buy the first little house, and if I can help my family out without impacting my future, I'll help my kids in a minute, and feel I've raised them to pay it forward when they some day have the means. I'll wish you positive thoughts that things transition for your daughter smoothly, and life will take on a new rhythm that is different, but just fine-for the time being. Sometimes shit storms just happen, and mama's carry big umbrellas.


  12. when I heard all this, I worried about your ability to hold up to the work ahead before she arrived. I never worried about your finances. The thing that has worried me was I was afraid she would fiddle faddle around and not get an education. Now, I am relieved to hear that is still in the future.

  13. Didn't you buy the house in the first place? Are you buying your house from yourself?!?

    Confused in Kansas. 😊

  14. I am in Sam's camp. I will help my adult sons with whenever it is needed (which is seldom but it has happened a couple of times) but not if it puts our financial future in trouble. (i.e. I will not let them use my house as collateral for any business they might want to start. But if one or the other needs a quick loan for a short time I am there.)
    I do draw the line at some things though. Mine are all adults and I don't do other adult's laundry (the exception is illness or birth of a granddaughter) nor do I make personal or business decisions (or suggestions) for them.
    And yes, I am loaning my car to Son3 to drive with friends to New Orleans for a couple of days. We sold the 3rd family car (the one he drove) when he went to school in Manhattan so I will share__briefly..

  15. Taking care of yourself needs to be your first priority.
    As for the other...Your money, your family, your decision. Sounds like something I would do. At the very least, you are teaching your daughter about your generous spirit.
    Go easy on yourself and ignore the crab apples.

  16. Hi - My adult daughter lives with us - and with our two grandchildren. My daughter married and divorced a loser. There are probably tons of parents out there that have helped an adult daughter with or without grandchildren involved. I do not for one second believe you are an enabler - And I also want to say - that sometimes it is too late when you realized that someone is a loser, manipulates you, steals your money, etc - I could go on and on. Hugs from my to your daughter. I actually had a TIA (mini stroke) from the stress of my daughters divorce - her husband assaulted my little granddaughter. Be sure you rest, vent, and anything else you need to do to take care of yourself.

  17. I think it's a generous thing to do and If I was financially sound I would do the same. You and hubby can do this and theres lots of options as you said. So take care though and not let the stress get to you. Health is everything. Be proud of your decision to be kind and helpful.

  18. Be kind, always, when it comes to family.
    Glad you were willing and able to step in.
    Our motto is: "As long as there is no abuse (drugs, drink) involved, come on home." We do what we can.

  19. I hope the sacrifices you are making are appreciated and not taken for granted. The mother daughter dynamic is fraught with peril I know that too well.

  20. And yay. Making the best of a bad situation. Love you sweetie and stay drunk, errrr I mean strong.


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