Wednesday, June 8, 2016

As Ready As I'll Ever Be

Most of the tasks have been completed in preparation for the Great Moving Adventure of 2016.

Daughter's room is emptied and ready.........

All my "things" are out of the room and closet, leaving 2 dressers and the shelving attached to the wall.  Except for the basket of cough drops the rest of the things in there are Daughter's.
I vacuumed and shampooed the carpeting, cleaned the ceiling fan and Hubs put the window a/c unit in.  I didn't move the dressers and vacuum/poo under those.  If they want that done, they are welcomed to do that. lolz

In preparation for more bathroom use in the main bath I had Hubs dig our narrow bookcase out of the garage(where it was holding canned goods).
When all 3 kids were at home it lived in their bathroom for storage for all their personal toiletries so everything wasn't sitting along the tub or under the sink.  They use to just throw shit under the sink in the cabinet and it was a colossal mess!  The under sink area is reserved for cleaning supplies(kept in a plastic basket)and/or bulky items(like an electric razor, hair blower, etc.)  The medicine cabinet is for medicines only.

The bookcase could use a new coat of white paint but that's not happening now, but I did put vinyl shelf liner down on each shelf.
Each of the 3 of them get a personal shelf with the bottom shelf reserved for toiletries I found under the sink cabinet that were opened and not claimed.(I found SIX opened toothpaste tubes in this bathroom!)
If someone runs out of an item, they are to take something from that collection of opened items before opening a new one from the stockpile.

We also moved an over the door peg hangers unit to this bathroom's door to solve the towel hanging space issue, as there is only one towel bar in this room(besides the hand towel ring).

I suspect there will be more "Musical Chairs" moving things about the house once they get here and we set up a routine of sorts.

They have a large(I mean LARGE!)TV they are bringing which won't fit into their room.  Daughter wants to hang it on the wall in the den(and put our much smaller TV in their room I suppose).  This would mean we either have to get rid of or repurpose our TV cabinet in the den(as this new tv won't fit into it).  Plus the wall that would make the most sense to hang their TV has the a/c split unit on it so won't work, meaning the furniture arrangement currently in there won't work and everything has to be rearranged. sigh

And I still have to figure out how to handle the laundry room and laundry.  I am not doing Daughter and BF's clothes and will stop doing College Boy's as well this month.  The configuration in there won't work if 4 people are doing their own laundry(I do Hubs).  We only have room for two dirty clothes hampers in the laundry room(1 for whites/1 for colors)but we'll need at least 3-4 and at most 7-8 hampers for all the dirty things to keep the owners' clothing separated.  I hate the idea of keeping hampers of dirty things in a bedrooms(as the closets aren't spacious enough to keep them in there).
But we'll figure it out in time.

I still have piles/tubs of crap to go through and figure out what to do with in the living/dining room.
We aren't out of the weeds by any means but I'm ready as I'll ever be at this point.

Let the games begin! 8-O



  1. You are such a good mother! However, if it is too comfortable, won't they be less motivated to find a place of their own? lol At least you have the two of them to move whatever needs moving from now on. So, sit back and let them haul stuff, yours or theirs. I like the bookcase.

  2. I want to say don't over do this, but of course you did. I bet you are exhausted. Please slow down and let daughter figure out everything else. Room looks great. Only 6 tubes of toothpaste that's nothing with kids.:)

  3. Good luck, my daughter is moving back home at the end of the month with more stuff then room in her bedroom. She can figure it out. You are doing a wonderful thing for your daughter, remember it is your home and she is an adult. Don't let them make you unhappy and stressed. Cheryl

  4. You're doing a fantastic job! Everything is going to work out and probably better than you expect. You'll have two more people to help you around the house and when winter comes....they can shovel the driveway when it snows. Woo!

  5. You need to reconfigure one of the closets as a bar. Add that to the list.
    I'm impressed you really have a handle on cramming everyone back in the house. Now to hide and drink!

  6. Hope all goes well with the least possible amount of chaos and adjustments. Most of the time when you post things I am so jealous of your incredible efficiency. Not so much today. I am kind of liking my solitude.

  7. HA! I'm not the only one that hoards family!!!

  8. Hah, that's funny Kim up there telling YOU to slow down!! She operates at full speed all of the time! Anyhoo I don't envy you making room for more people and all of their stuff. I'm trying to get mine out!

  9. Been there . . just breathe . . .

  10. I'm hoping the good outweighs the inconvenience. Perhaps you'll develop an even better relationship with her as you live with her as an adult. She'll perhaps grow more appreciative of the hard work of you and hubs, and this in the long run becomes a great successful social experiment.

  11. Let the fun begin !
    My husband took an old book case and made the shelves wide enough so everyone got their own laundry basket on a shelf for folding and carrying. We bought those cute pop up (think college) laundry baskets for each bedroom (except ours- ours was in the laundry room). The only restriction was "you" had to do full loads--so if you asked someone else to join into your load-you folded together. :)

  12. Ironically I was just discussing this with one of the servcie providers I work with. His 23 year old son just moved back home. Dad gave him 30 days to get things together and no girlfriend allowed for sleepovers. Son has a job and had been living with his girlfriend but it did not have a good ending. I'm wondering if dad will stick to the 30 days! He has a daughter in college who is home for the summer. He said his son did ofer to pay him $150 a week but he told him to SAVE that for deposits. We'll see haha.

  13. I was going to suggest keeping laundry in bedrooms till I saw you hate that! I do have the laundry in bedrooms - since my washer and dryer are in the basement. Maybe getting laundry hampers with the lids could be an idea...assigning "laundry days" so you know the washer and dryer will be all yours on your days.

  14. Move the tv cabinet into your bedroom, fill with liquor and hide out there when everyone pisses you off - problem solved!


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