Friday, June 24, 2016

Carppity Carp Carp.....Pity Party Rant

This has been my week......lots of carp!
Just switch positions on two letters and you'll know how I really feel. ;-)

Last weekend celebrating Hubs for Father's Day took over 3 whole days basically.
He had taken Friday off so it was an evening at the local Brew Pub.........

Of course Daughter said she was treating him on Friday so I had to pay for myself and the 20 bucks I gave her MORE than covered my sandwich and 1 I got to supplement what she paid for Hubs.
And nothing of any note got done at home that day.....

Then Saturday is was all day at Hubs favorite not-quite-local Brew Pub.

Of course nobody took my picture so I was forced to do a selfie with the river in the background......

Then Daughter and BF headed off for an afternoon/evening of dirt track racing so I was the designated dog sitter until after midnight.  Even though I didn't want to stay up that late.
And another day when nothing got done at home.

On our road trip in May we got a chip in our car windshield from a truck that threw a rock at us on the highway.  Just a little chip so Hubs took the car in two weeks ago to get it fixed.  They didn't replace the windshield and just filled the chip with resin.
Well we come out to the car on Saturday after leaving the Brew Pub and the chip is now a crack that extends about halfway across the windshield!

Can't make it out well for the glare and clouds reflected but it's major now.  So back the car goes to the glass place and another call into our insurance. bleh.  At least we didn't have to pay ANOTHER deductible since it's the same damage.

On Sunday we stayed home and Hubs decided to do yard work(and I didn't ask him to do that).
I stayed inside and tried to get something put away in this house as it was too hot for me out in the sun.
So Hubs blows up that evening because he had to do yard work all day(no, no he didn't HAVE TO)and I didn't appreciate it and it's Father's Day and I guess he expected us all to wait on him hand and foot.
I wanted to hand him his ass about this time.....

I didn't ask him to do anything all day or for the last 3 days when he was off AND we carted him around to places he likes to drink beer.
So yes, I guess I am a bad bad wife and a horrible person.  I deserve to be yelled at.

So moving on from my thrilling 3 day weekend--

Monday I set up an appointment for Salvation Army to come pick up this stuff.......

I can't take it all in myself with a Chevy Sonic.
SA emails that they will come on time frame or anything.

So I hear the truck outside the house BEFORE 8 am this morning.
I go downstairs to cage the dog so I can actually open the front door without her running off(she is a runner!)and speak with the men.
By the time I secure the dog and go open the front door, the truck is gone!!!
They just f*ing left!

Well screw you Salvation Army......

I left a scathing feedback comment on their pick-up website and now I am off to upload these photos to my town's FB sales site to see if anyone here will come get any of this stuff for FREE.
I could chew nails I am so pissed right now.

I feel like all I've done all week besides hide out on the computer doing genealogy stuff is cook and do dishes and deal with a pretty demanding dog when Daughter is not home.  I don't blame the dog....she is settling in well but she is so needy and not trained well.  And I can't occupy her all day long even though I am the one home with her mostly.
I am past the time in my life where I want to train a dog.

And Daughter has not been home a lot this week....between 2 days of her part time job, doc appointment, buying pants, going to another job interview, selling her plasma, going to the chiropractor 2 times in a week, going to the dentist, going to the eye doc and I am sure I am leaving something out here.

My question is why does she waits until she has no income coming in to see a dentist or eye doc......and then she's got her hand out to me wanting me to pay for this, since she's not on our dental or eye plans, just our medical plan, and she has to pay full price?
Or at least it feels like she's always got her hand out for cash. Ugh.

The house is nowhere near where it needs to be and no one, at least I feel, seems to be in any kind of hurry to help me get it to a livable point.
This alone is stressing me out massively.
I can't live in chaos but for so long and I've hit my limit.

I am just feeling overwhelmed I guess.  So much has changed in my day-to-day life and I am not liking it and I don't feel in control of anything in my life right now.

The one bright spot in all the madness that is life here?

I discovered Wednesday that Weis(PMITA)Markets now carries Pimiento Cheese!
And it was on sale!!!
I could just fill up a tub with this stuff and dive in nekkid with a supply of celery sticks. lolz

My phone which College Boy insists he didn't lose is still missing.  He finally went and bought me a replacement phone at Walmart which cost him all of $10.  Yes, it only took him a week to get him off his ass to replace my phone..........

I transferred all my minutes and am now back in business.

Not 2 days later we get a letter from Tracfone.........

Telling me I am eligible for a new free phone! lolz

And now Hubs informs me he wants to go to Maine the beginning of August and has already taken time off from work to do this.
Not that getting out of here is a bad thing but.......
He won't plan the trip so I'll have to do all that.
And if I don't include shit he wants to do(which he won't tell me until the last blanged minute)he'll pout.
And I am just tired of it all.
I'd rather just take off by myself somewhere.
Or better yet, just send him to Maine alone and I'll stay home and clean out his shed, which he refuses to clean.  Those bikes in the photo above?  Those were in the shed and the only reason they aren't still in there is because I got mad on Monday and tore through there to at least get 10 year old bikes out to donate.

Hubs also informed me earlier this week he's decided "he" wants to throw a 4th of July cookout.
Well guess who gets to plan and implement the food for this shindig and arrange it all?  8-P

Not that I had any say in whether we have a cookout.
And the deck is a never got cleaned last year or sealed before the bad weather set in so it's green and cracking and nasty.

Want to lay bets on whether Hubs gets it cleaned and sealed before the end of next weekend for "his" cookout?
I am going to tell him if he doesn't get it done I am calling off his cookout because well I am a bitch and I am so over it.
I can't even.

So I survived the week and besides keeping it together I've bagged up stuff to get rid of and burned a large stack of cardboard boxes.
Go me.

So in conclusion I am NOT having a good week.

Here's hoping next week is better and I don't send anyone to the Emergency Room.



    Plain and simple, Denise.
    Just stop it.
    The dog is NOT your responsibility.
    Looks like everyone is taking advantage of you and not appreciating you because you are permitting this mistreatment to happen.
    Just stop it.
    Start taking care of yourself.
    If the house is a mess, so be it. If you have clutter, everyone has to live in it. Obviously they don't care. Why should you?
    Better yet, why don't you go take a two week vacation by yourself. Go to Sandals or some Caribbean all-inclusive resort and get the heck outta there. You'll feel a whole lot better. And I can guarantee your family would appreciate you a whole lot better.
    Go do it!
    And send us pics!
    Have fun. And to heck with everyone else. They are all adults. Stop it!

  2. I hope your next week will be better.

    It seems that you are too nice of a person and everyone takes advantage of you. =(

    Time to start putting your foot down!

  3. I am sorry to say I smiled all the way through your post, because our families are so much alike. I can feel your frustration and anger, but my little heart says I am not alone! Neither are you. Men are butt heads and kids are unappreciative ^%$#^ I can't even say enough here. I think you should come and visit me. No on second thought let's just escape together. If I was there I would help you.

  4. How old is your daughter? She couldn't buy you a beer with all you have done for her? You need to set some rules and make them responsible for the dog. You seem so stressed and not very happy, both unlike the way you usually seem online. Good luck. Cheryl

  5. I sense your family needs a "come to jesus" meeting; lay out everything on the table and ask for help and plan events. otherwise you might get sick.

  6. The lake place is empty all next week. Road trip?

  7. I hear with being overwhelmed in your own home. I provide a home for my grandchildren and my daughter - and I have to financially support my grandchildren - overwhelmed is a perfect word. But - I would just give daughter back the health bills and let her know she can call those places and work out a monthly payment plan with them that she can afford on her budget with her job. Or - make an increase in boyfriends and her's rent for specific things like this that come up. It is good to vent - writing it all out can feel like talking. How about making an announcement that you will be a "guest" at the 4th of July cookout and won't be making any of the arrangements??? Sending you a hug and good thoughts...

  8. Holy heck, Sluggy! I feel your pain with every word. When my mom would get overwhelmed or just sick of everyone taking her for granted, she'd lock herself in her room and sort of "go on strike." It certainly got our attention, especially around dinner time. lol Or you could check into the casino hotel, have a few drinks and play the slots. That's a good way to relieve some stress. lol Wish I was there. We could go together. ;-)

  9. Take a deep breath, repeat. My 2 cents? Make a list of hot topics, aka "this has got to happen, and I need your help to get it done" and call a family meeting with everyone present. Divide/conquer tasks, delegate. I don't recall how old your DD is, but make it clear that she is financially responsible for all out of pocket medical costs. Your family is in transition as she, the dog, the BF join your ranks. Been there, it can be stressful. Sending virtual hugs!

  10. You seem to have been so good to kids, bf, dog, and hubs that a saying comes to mind--you can ride a good horse to death.

    Could bf and daughter do the deck AND do it right?
    Maybe doggie day care could provide you with relief some days.

    Another thought--do you think hubs is feeling any stress over the new living arrangements.

    Good luck with it all. You are too good! Try putting your foot down, maybe on a neck or two.

  11. Ok, drive directly to liquor store, stock up on Sluggys favorite booze, go get some of that pimento cheese and tell your family you are on strike and lock yourself in the bathroom (the one they need to use). Perhaps someone will take notice that you are FED UP:)

  12. Ok you have to put your bitch hat on. Yes, it is stressful but you are being taken advantage of. No more mister nice guy.

  13. Sorry to read about your carpy week. I could feel all the stress and anxiety as I read. Believe me, I'm no stranger to either. Hope things look up for you soon.

  14. Your daughter should not own a dog if she can't take care of it. And huskys NEED to run. They need exercise. So unfair to the dog.

    As for you, it seems you are grossly getting mistreated. Your daughter is old enough to not act like a spoiled brat. The husbands behaviour is too 1950s for my liking. Best of luck.

  15. And I get you. Completely GET you! Not much you can do but plug along and do the best you can. Remember that it isn't forever. And dear hubs is just stressed too. I would invite you here but.........................

  16. I'm sorry, Sluggy! It sounds like you needed a good vent today to blow off steam from a very stressful week. I hope things perk up next week.

  17. Don't put it to them that you need "help." That implies it is your job and you need them to do your duties. They just need to be responsible for their surroundings whether they live there or are visiting.

    I had a boyfriend that never picked up anything he used, drank from, ate from. I told him I was tired of picking up after him. He informed me he was a guest and did not have to do housework. That flew all over me. I mentioned all this to his mother. She was shocked and said that guests need to take care of their messes and try not to be trouble. I did not expect him to "help" me, just take care of his own stuff he dragged out.

    So, don't ask for "help." Ask for people to be responsible for keeping the place in order, making it liveable because they live there.

  18. I am so sorry. I have had moments like this. Mainly my Pops, not Hubby. Keep venting here, it will help.

  19. Feeling your pain, Sluggy. You've gotten lots of good advice here. When I am overwhelmed or taken advantage of, I stop and calmly ask for an explanation why *I* need to to be the one taking care of something, or doing something. "Because" or "I assumed you wouldn't mind" doesn't cut it - someone has to give me a VERY good explanation, not an excuse. And usually they can't which typically gets me an apology and things change. Hoping you will be feeling less put upon soon.

  20. never mind the celery sticks; use nasty chips or pretzels rather.

  21. I'm sorry you've had such a rough week. :( I would take some time for yourself and find a way to destress and relax if at all possible. Sending hugs your way. ((((()))))

  22. I think daughter can make payments arrangements for the bills that she is running up unnecessarily right now. If daughter and bf can't/won't care for/train the dog, I think a discussion is due that maybe they need to find the dog a good home. It's not fair to you or the dog for them to expect it to be crated or entertained by you all day. I was quite ticked to read that daughter expected you to pay for your own meal.......while you are providing a roof over their head, money for clothes, dog sitting, meal preparation, food purchasing.....that seriously ticked me off and made me sad for you, she should be ashamed of herself.

    Hugs to you (and bail money, if needed)

  23. I have just one word. . . .BOUNDARIES! Adult family members need to be reminded of boundaries.


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