Thursday, April 23, 2015

Shopping This Week

Here's what I started the week with.....

Still no Rite-Aid trips.
But I did go to Maine Source the restaurant supply store for produce and meat.....

2.65 lbs yellow squash
3.45 lbs. zuchinni squash
2 English cukes
3 lbs yellow onions
4 ears of corn
6.81 lbs. ground beef
1 gallon zero cal. peach tea
1 bag potato chips(hubs wanted this)
Total spent....$35.84
Reg. retail on all this at the grocery store would come to $71.30

I also stopped in at the local Shursave market on the way home from my dr. appt.
No picture but I got.....

5 PowerAde Zeros
1 bag of croutons
1 head of lettuce
.50 lb. roasted turkey breast(for Hubs' lunches this week)
2 bags corn chips(they were BOGO and I caved!)
Total spent......$13.23
Reg. retail on all this when no sales would come to $19.32

Here's what's left this week so far.....


I still want to get over to Weis for some cheap cheddar and coffee(it's BOGO and I have a $1.50 off Q).  Should be another $10 spent on food this week.

The meals planned for this week......

1.  Hamburgers on rolls, Corn on cob
2.  Leftovers
3.  Meatloaf, Squash & Onions, Macaroni Salad
4.  Ravioli, Salad
5.  Salmon, Macaroni Salad leftovers, Sugar Snap Peas/Corn
6.  Lena's Lemon Chicken w/Zuchinni, rice
7.  Leftovers

Here's what has happened so far.....

1.  Hamburgers on rolls, Corn on cob
2.  Leftovers(Hubs had Spaghetti, I had Soup)
3.  Meatloaf, Squash & Onions
4.  Tacos
5.  Lena's Lemon Chicken w/Zuchinni, rice

Next two days will be salmon meal and then leftovers(there's meatloaf, taco filling and will be chicken leftover by tomorrow).
That bag of ground beef I bought meant more beef dishes this week.  I also have hamburgers for lunch a few days this week.  I'll be beefed out by Saturday night. ;-)

So I'll have $30 left for next week's meals.  I've got plenty of meats but we are running low on fresh and frozen produce.
Next week might be some strange combinations of dishes but I'll be fine since I still have plenty of cukes to make pickles! lolz

How is your food week going?



  1. It's going good even though I thought today was Friday for some reason. Now that my daughter buys food once a week my grocery budget is stretching a lot further. There was a special on Kraft pizzas this week so that's what we're having for dinner tonight.

  2. A cursory look at the newspaper grocery ads that came in the mailbox yesterday did not reveal anything exciting. But, I have not checked with Publix, Kroger, Spouts and a few others. I have sworn off beef for a bit since I ate it too many days after I found out I am allergic to beef to see if that is why my throat is swollen and I keep choking while trying to swallow. Yes, that is a long sentence.
    Since I don't need anything right now, we will see what is on sale. I won't buy bananas because the last three bunches tasted nasty. There is milk, bread, vegetables and fruit, so I will only buy stock up items.

  3. I'm with Linda, the grocery ads were sorry this week. I'll live off the stock pile.

  4. Meal planning needs attention this week. I do not want to spend in anything but bread, fruit, and milk and try and out April overspending to a stop.


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