Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Using Up the +Up Rewards

I went to Rite-Aid Monday to use up my $20 in +Up Rewards I have left.
The plan was to cash in as many rain checks as I could and get some things we can use/need(like trash bags).

Things didn't quite work out the way I planned.....

2 x cases of R-A water bottles on sale=$4.66 *not pictured*
1 x container Edy's ice cream 50%off clearance=$3.24 *not pictured*
2 x Glad kitchen trash bags Rain Check $3.99ea.=$7.98
2 x Irish Spring body wash Rain Check 2/$4=$4.00
2 x Dial bar soap Rain Check .99¢=$1.98
1 x Reach toothbrushes Rain Check=.99¢
1 x GE light bulb Rain Check=FREE

Coupons Used
2 x $1.50/1 Irish Spring body wash IPQ=$3.00
Coupon Total.....$3.00


That's what should have happened, but this is what actually happened....

Coupons Used
2 x $1.50/1 Irish spring body wash IPQ=$3.00
1 x $1/2 Dial soap Load2CardQ=$1.00
1 x $1.50/1 Irish Spring Load2CardQ=$1.50
Coupon Total.....$5.50


Yes, 2 Load2Card Qs came off I wasn't expecting so the cashier pushed through both my IPQ Irish Spring ones.

$17.35 + .15¢tax=$17.50
I used $17 of my $20 +Up Rewards and paid .50¢ OOP.

$59.69 worth of items brought home for .50¢.

And I still have $3 in +Ups to use before the week ends so there will be one more trip to Rite-Aid for me this month.



  1. Our Rite Aid has made a change. We may now have a way to get gas cards, and I may have to purchase specific products, although I'm not sure what the requirements are at this point. I'm not sure how it works, yet, because we just got the flyer in the mail box today. I will have to check it out. Keep up good work with the exercise. I got injections in my knees about about a week ago, so I am moving much more than I was. I am feeling a few twinges, and I hope it lasts much longer than a week! I can only get injections every three months. Keeping my fingers crossed...

    1. Yes, R-A is doing a Spend $30, Get a $10 gas card in April. It is suppose to run until the end of the month, until they roll out the new PLENTI program.
      Last year they had one of these earn a gas card deals and the gas card turned out to be just a prepaid visa card(or was it mastercard?). Anyway, you could spend it on anything, not just gas.


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