Saturday, April 25, 2015

End of the Week Food Shopping With Video

I ended up going up to Weis(PMITA)Markets yesterday, Friday.

What I got.

53% savings rate!

I made a little video about my shopping trip.
It's located HERE.
If you are super bored go ahead and click on this link.

My camera battery was running low so I was trying to hurry but remember to talk about everything I bought, so of course I forgot to mention the Johnsonville Brats deal. lol

Those are $4.29 reg. retail, were on sale for $3.50 and they each had a $2 instant discount sticker on them, so $1.50 OOP each.
Not bad and this is something you can tuck into the freezer for Summertime grilling later.
If we still ate crappy hot dogs they have a killer deal on a 3lb. pack of Hatfield dogs....reg. $7.98, on sale for $4.98 and 1 of the packages had a $3 instant discount sticker so would have been $1.98!  I left that bargain behind for somebody else.

I forgot to use a $7 Weis gift card I got for the PowerAde products Catalina deal last month that didn't work correctly.  So when you add this to my .14¢ left in my April food money I have $7.14.

Ok, I am off today to get some things done(I hope!)so watch this video and let me know what is on your agenda for today.



  1. Awesome deals; I agree that even if you are sick of or already have a ton f a paricular meat, if you find a deal-GRAB IT! Meat costs take a big bite out of the grocery budget. We are currently eating down our supplies (possible move, to pinch back as I have high OOP PT costs due to an accident). That said, if I find a deal on meat, I'll still take advantage of it.

  2. Great deal on those Johnsonville brats. My favorite are their maple syrup sausages. We never see coupons on those in Canada, the cheapest I ever see them are $3.50 per package.

  3. No way would I have passed up those meat deals. If we got that big pack of beef, Hubby would be requesting chicken fried steaks. Mmmm...

  4. No matter how much meat or anything I have, I buy more if I can afford it--maybe only one package. Sooner or later, it will be eaten! I find when I am running low that all of sudden there appear more deals than I can afford.

    I have seen the Johnsonville brats but have never gotten them. I think I will next time I see a coupon or sale, hopefully, both.

  5. What is more important to you? saving time or saving money?

  6. You are killing it as per normal!!!


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