Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I've been trying to scan and edit some of the photos in my mom's stacks of photo albums this week.
It's slow going since I have to scan them into hubs computer(the printer with the scanner is attached to his machine upstairs), then he has to email me the photos, then after uploading them to OneDrive I have to download them to my machine and then edit them. ugh.  Why won't they download from the email attachments directly to my machine(instead of having to upload them first to OD)I have no clue!
And then Hubs emailed me some scanned photos as!?!?
I will Never get this all finished before I die.....ugh!

Anyway, here is a photo I love.  I am not in it since I wasn't born yet when it was taken.
It's of my maternal grandparents(my mom's parents)and my maternal grandmother's mother.

I believe this was taken in the mid 1950's, given the clothing and the car parked next to them.
The building behind them has a store sign which I think says "Leggett's"(You can see the first 5 letters.).
Leggett's was a smaller department store chain that began in 1927 in Lynchburg, VA.
Not sure if this store was the Lynchburg store but by this time in the 1950's they had more stores dotting the map in south central Virginia......Farmville, Roanoke, South Boston all had a Leggett's.
Suffice it to say, they were standing in a mid-sized city somewhere in Southeastern Virginia.

Anyway, this photo is of my great grandmother Lucy Baker Vassar, her daughter Lillian Vassar Harper and Lillian's husband, Wirt Harper.

Yes, my grandfather was named WIRT.
Don't's an old traditional Southern name.
People are naming their kids far worse names today IMHO.

Anyway, once my mother left home and married at the ripe old age of 16, her parents were empty-nesters, free to do as they pleased since she was an only child.
My mom left home in June of 1951 right after she finished 11th grade.

My grandmother worked full time and my grandfather did not at this point in his life.
They did go on vacation every year and I've been told that often, after my mother was living away from their home, that they'd take Lillian's mother with them, as she was a widow.

Can you imagine as an adult married couple, taking your mother along on all your summer vacations?

So I have quite a few photos of the three of them together in various vacation type spots and some not-so vacation type spots.
I love my grandfather in this one.
Let's just say that my grandfather was something of a "character".
He would "mug" for the camera and I am sure he put the bill of his cap up like that just for this photo.

Yep, Wirt was a fun guy......
And I love his two tone "stepping out" shoes. lolz



  1. Can you just load the photos directly to OneDrive on your DH's computer? Cut out a few steps anyway! Best of luck with this project! We actually gathered up all of our photos during (and after a recent move) and sent them away to be scanned. Very please with the work - but only a few were old family photos (i.e. - we would not be upset if lost). But we didn't lose any!

  2. WIRT is a name that I have never heard before.
    It sounds like a lot of work to get the photos changed over but it will be worth it.

    1. It's an old Southern name.
      Don't make fun of my family's names....remember, I am digging up YOUR ancestors. lolz
      How about Trusten and Asberry?
      Yep, those are 2 of your male relations.

  3. I have a great-uncle named Auzey (AW Zee). It was family name. He is one of the relatives that looks like Andy Griffith. Another uncle was named Edsel Ford. I never heard of Wirt, but there is always tomorrow..

  4. I love pics like that! My parents have lots of them. I can beat you on the interesting names. I have an ancestor named Green Berry Bright. I think last name was Foster. I would have to go look at the notes, but he was one of my mom some number of greats grandfather.


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