Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lots of Little Things

This week is flying by and here are a bunch of little things I wanted to talk about......

* I have hit 50 miles of cycling for the month as of last night.  My goal for April was 30 miles, as I got in 22 miles in March so I thought that was a modest increase.   I am really going to have to think about what to "up" the target to for May.  Considering we'll be traveling for half the month and I'll be getting other kinds of exercise, plus probably won't have access to an exercise bike I don't know if I should change the goal.  Maybe just play it by ear and get in as much cycling as I can will suffice for a goal next month?

* I went ahead and did some grocery shopping the past couple of days on May's food budget money.
Since I won't be able to drive starting tomorrow for about a week I went ahead and got my food money cash at the bank and picked up some deals.
And speaking of eye surgery......

* I am a tad annoyed at this eye doctor thing.  It's a massive operation that he runs.  When I was giving all the forms and info about this surgery last month they wrote down all my follow up appointments but did NOT give me a time to report for the surgery, just the date.  The form said I would be called "a few days before" that date with what time to arrive for surgery.
Well, I am suppose to go in tomorrow, Thursday but as of yesterday Tuesday I still hadn't been contacted with the information.  Plus I keep getting forms in the mail from them the past month that need signing and returning, with notes attached that this dept. or that forgot to have me sign something.
This gives me NO FAITH that they will call or something else will happen to screw this up.
So I had to end up calling them yesterday asking for my surgery time.
Hey! I am suppose to put expensive drops in my eyes starting on Wed. and if everything wasn't in order yet and they were going to cancel this surgery date I wanted to know BEFORE I started using those drops.  Plus rescheduling this procedure anytime soon would be problematic as we are going away next month and I couldn't fit in follow-up appointments at appropriate intervals, etc.

I ran some errands and while I was gone I got two, COUNT 'EM  TWO phone calls from different people at the doctor's office about my surgery time.  So as of now, we are still on for this cataract surgery.

I must say that I am a bit scared about it all.  Anything involving my eyes freaks me out.  Heck, I have a real hard time putting drops in my eyes, what am I going to do once they come at me with scalpels?! 8-(
I hope they have a real good sedative for me, and maybe a straight jacket.
Don't expect to see me post much if anything in the next couple of days since my eyeball will be out of commission for awhile.

* I got a food bank donation up to the local church.  I put the stuff in my car which made me remember to take it all over while I was out bopping around town.

 That's 10 jugs of laundry detergent....

And 4 jars of peanut butter

Since I no longer extreme coupon my donations are a tad more modest.  But I still pick up extra when I find a really good deal.  I get to give without it costing me lots of ca$h and the food bank gets supplies.

* I got my new Rite-Aid card in the mail last week.....

It came in a big fancy envelope with all kinds of information.
Between the +Ups Reward program going away AND now the Video Values Program has been discontinued(!)I have serious doubts about what kind of savings I can see with this new Plenti deal.
I won't be able to drive mostly next week so I don't know if I'll even go in the first week the new program is in force.  I may just sit back and wait until I hear back from others who it's working for them before I venture out into uncharted waters at Rite-Aid.

* There is one deal I want to do at Rite-Aid next week and if you have a Rite-Aid in your area Rivulet, you may want to get there and pick this up since you use Dawn.

Next week Rite-Aid has DAWN dish soap on sale, 3 bottle for $3 and buy 3 and earn 100 Plenti Pts.
There is a .25¢/1 Q on Dawn on Coupons dotcom.  Print 3 Qs(using 2 different computers since you can only print 2 per computer).
$3-.75¢=$2.25 OOP and earn $1 worth of Plenti pts.  So effectively $1.25 for 3 bottles of Dawn.
And remember to get a rain check if they are out!

* I sold another piece of fabric on Etsy this week. rah. 
That makes 7 pieces sold since I relisted a bunch of fabrics earlier this month.  Once August gets here and they all expire I'll see if I want to relist any of the 60 or so fall/winter fabrics I still have.

* I am slowing getting through my daughter's things she left here when she moved to Louisiana.  They are still all strewn about my living room but the piles are getting smaller.  I've bagged up 3 more piles of stuff for Salvation Army and thrown away another bag full of old worn out clothing.  Some of the items I was going to bring to her(clothes and toiletries)I had bought for her, she now can't wear(underwear) or doesn't need(tampons). So I guess I'll be putting that stuff up on eBay once my Summer traveling is done.  Or if I just don't want to bother it can go to Salvation Army(underwear) and the food bank(tampons).  Thankfully I no longer have need for tampons.... ;-)

* I am chomping at the bit to do my Savings Challenge numbers for April and my May 1 net worth.
We had a third paycheck this month and kept our expenses low, so the savings will be MASSIVE!
Can't wait to post that one since it will be a big kick in the pants toward our goal.

* I found my phone charger cord!  It has been missing for ages......I hardly ever use my cell phone.  I just turn it on to make a call or if I am anticipating receiving a call.  Last week I used the phone quite a bit and the battery died, so suddenly, finding the charger was a big deal and on my radar.
I dug through the bookcase by my desk where I shove stuff like that and found it.
I also found the plastic casing piece for one of the end of it that came off in my car last Summer(while traveling)so was able to duct tape that back on as well.  My phone is now fully charged and I know SONYA ANN is ruing the day I found that charger.  Maybe I should prank call her while she's in Vegas.  I should wait until 7am tomorrow when she is hung over and trying to sleep, right? ;-)
And speaking of Sonya Ann.....

* Sonya is having a $25 Amazone gift code Giveaway on her blog while she is partying hardy in Vegas.  So go on over and enter it HERE and tell her I sent ya!
Oh, and you have to split the winnings with me if you win it. 8-)

And speaking of giveaways--don't forget that my Sluggy's Boring Blog Box Giveaway is open until May 10th and you can enter every day on that one too!



  1. Good luck with your surgery, I am sure it will go fine. I am counting steps (iphone app) and need to make some sort of goal now that I have a new month starting. We don't have much for coupon deals here in Canada but some of the grocery stores have started rebating when you buy certain products. I am up to $40 off at my cheapest grocery store which is awesome since the prices are already the lowest and that is just a flat $40 on any groceries I want to spend it on.

    1. Lowest store prices and getting cash back on anything you want to buy sounds like a great deal!

  2. Good luck on your surgery. I will remember you in my evening prayers.


    1. Thanks Cindi. I appreciate that....

  3. I am not impressed with rite aid. I will not buy gas at the most expensive station for points. I will not use ATT for points I don't shop at Macy's. It will have to be a really good deal.

    1. We don't even have those gas stations here! I am not getting a good vibe on this new program so far.

  4. Great job on the cycling! Good luck with your eye surgery. I'm sure it will turn out fine.

  5. I USED to love Rite Aid and Up Rewards, for all some of the personnel were IDIOTS. ( I once had a cashier try tell me my coupons would have to be off regular price not sale price. Another said that rain checks didn't be fair,, the manager always sets them straight, but it's a pita I put up with for the deals.) Now, I hate Rite Aid., and that is as of of 4/22/15. You see, lasst week, they gave me my new Plenti card at the register, and told me to toss out my Up Reward card, and register my Plenti card online. Well, can't do that, according to PlentiDOTCcom, until May. So, if I can't register my card, and was told to discard my old card, (I didn't, btw) how can I get my gold discount, or earn my points on it? The cashier was no help...but then again, she is one of 2 cashiers who I generally avoid. I may swing by today while in town to ask the manager.

    1. What a clusterf**k! I am sure cashiers that have no CLUE aren't helping the store or the customers adjust to this new program.
      Good luck!

    2. Why do cashiers with no clue make up rules?

  6. Did my comment come through?

  7. Thanks for the heads up!!! There isn't really a Rite aid in my area BUT I do drive past one on Thursdays for work, wait, does that make it in my area? Anyway, I'll let you know if I get my butt in gear and stock up on the Dawn :)

    1. Remember the deal doesn't start until Sunday and make sure you have your new Plenti card registered.

  8. good luck for tomorrow, I will be thinking of you.

  9. I have looked through the Rite Aid program and see no reason to use it. I will just cherry pick the sales. I have CVS and Walgreen just as close with better programs now. Good luck with your surgery and recuperation.

  10. Good thoughts your way on your surgery. I am in awe of your biking prowess. I am on the look out for a low cost big seat, non geared bike myself, but doubt Id put those miles on.

  11. Good luck on the eye surgery, relax and don't let it bother you. It is very routine from what it was 40 years ago. My father was back driving in three days (against doctors orders.)

  12. Okay, fourth try!
    I could drive when the 24-hour window for sedation was over, approved by the doctor. I was terrified, however, I kept asking for more of the sedation to make me relax and not care. I did not care when I got to ER.

  13. I'm not sure if my posts are going through to you lately, so trying again. All will be well. I will be thinking loads of happy thoughts for you today and look forward to seeing your posts soon!

  14. Good luck my friend, I know you will be fine, but I understand your little bit of queasy fear;)

  15. So sorry I did not see this before you had your surgery! I hope yours went as smoothly as mine did. Both of mine were a breeze and I had no discomfort at all. I had also read enough about it that I wasn't nervous even though it was my first surgery ever. My only issue was seeing in between surgeries, but the dr said most people don't have vision as bad as mine so don't have the same problem. My dad had his eyes done 6 years apart.


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