Monday, March 18, 2013

Meal Planning March Week 4 & Food Spending Week 3

Here is what actually got served last week....

Sunday-Leftovers or Pizza
Monday--Sloppy Joes on Rolls, Corn
Tuesday--Stuffed Shells, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread
Thursday--Roast Chicken, Carrots, Onions, Potatoes
Friday--Breakfast for Dinner-pancakes, eggs, sausage
Saturday--Leftovers or Find Something Yourself LOL
The Tacos and Fish Fry never happened.  They were replaced by a Roast Chicken dinner and a Leftovers meal.  I basically didn't eat these dinner meals until Thursday because of my dental issues.
My appointment on Wednesday took care of the problems and I am now a chomping champ again. lol
The food spending the last week?
Between not feeling well and having car issues, I never actually went to the grocery store last week.  The daughter and Hubs picked up items along the way last week, but no actual proper grocery shopping was accomplished.  Nevertheless, we did NOT starve since we have plenty here in the pantry/freezer.
A couple of trips to the local Shursave affiliate where a total of $29.62 was spent.  Food spending for the month is now at $127.69, leaving $272.31 of my $400 March food budget to cover the next 13 days.

As for leftovers rolling into this week--there is some roast chicken and veggies and some breakfast sausages.  Hubs is working out of town the beginning of this week so the kids and I are on our own for dinner until Thursday.


Here is what is getting served this week.....
Sunday-Chinese take-out
Monday--Soup, Broccoli or Fend for Yourself
Tuesday--Green Bean Casserole, Mac and Cheese
Wednesday--Veggie Fajitas
Thursday--Corned Beef, Cabbage, Carrots
Friday--Fish "Fry",Coleslaw, Veggie TBD

Needed at the store to serve the meals I am making this week?  
Peppers for the Fajitas, Cabbage to go with the CBeef and to make the Coleslaw.  And when I figure out Saturdays dinner I may need to buy something for that. lol 
We also need fresh fruit and milk this week.  If I can get Daughter to do the shopping I may not go to the store again this week too! Yeah, I live on the wild side.....
The freezer is getting a bit empty now, as I've been using up some things here and haven't been restocking.  Unless some incredible meat deal comes my way, I am holding off on stocking up on foods to throw in the freezer.   And I still have to figure out what to serve for Easter dinner.  It looks like we may have 7 at the table this year so I've got to find out what everyone can/will eat this year. sigh.  The only definite are the Deviled

We did have some food waste this past week.  A Tupperware of chicken stock with bones that got pushed to the back lower corner of the fridge went bad before it could be used or added to the dog's dinners.  I hang my head in shame. 8-(

What's on your menu for the week?  
Any good deals at the grocers this week?
Did you have any food waste this week?



  1. I have always wanted to ask but never have--with so many eating machines around the house, how do you manage to have leftovers last until dinner? Don't they forage when hungry and eat the leftovers? Or, are they looking for real food when hungry, you know--chips, cookies, ice cream, lunch meat? Basically, I have another question: what do your eating machines eat when left on their own since they don't demolish leftovers?

    1. The only "eating machine" now is #2 Son since Daughter is on a diet of sorts. Since #2 has a job now, he would rather use his cash and go buy fast food, over eating leftovers here when hungry after school. But I do keep ramen noodles and frozen pizza rolls....that sort of thing for him as it's his go to house food. He will also cook for himself when it's a fend for yourself night.....he likes making tacos, so I have what he needs to make that on hand usually. He will also make pancakes or muffins or brownies if the sweet tooth gets him. Basically ANYTHING to get out of eating leftovers!lol

  2. I have been really aching for some green foliage that is not evergreen. Your post did it for me. It's so pleasant and peaceful looking, just the antidote for grey and stormy skies.

    1. Yah, I was tired of Winter and gloom....some nice bright Spring-like green was called for. ;-)

  3. Your menu sounds nice and comforting this week. I am jealous that you have a daughter to send for food. I have a teen boy, but I do not trust him to get what I want! LOL

    Good luck with Easter dinner. It can be a struggle.

    1. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment Jennifer! Often sending the Daughter comes at a price thought, since she buys what SHE wants too with my cash...last night, she picked me up some cabbage and carrots and also bought cool whip and ice cream which were NOT on my list! lol

      Any large gathering can be a struggle here since we have picky eaters and folks on restricted diets in the extended family. Maybe I should make dinner a "bring your own" affair? lol

  4. I'm glad your mouth is on the mend. You poor kid.
    You do so well with your grocery budget. I wonder if you will still be as strict when the kids leave or if you are going to go all wild on us and not have one. LOL yes not having a food budget is wild.

    1. thanks SA..... I am relieved to not have this pain in my mouth anymore too. Now if I could just get rid of all the pains in my ass, huh?
      Doing well on the grocery budget because the freezer still has food in it. Once that's empty(IF I ever get it empty), my budget will be in trouble!lol
      Once the kids are gone.....please tell me that they WILL leave!'s champagne and lobster every night for us!!!
      Food budgets gone wild......I wonder if they'll want to film

    2. It would be something that I would watch!
      I was just dropping by to see how you were doing. I worry.

  5. Great... Now I'm hungry again!

    1. I'd say start teaching Leon to cook NOW! lol

  6. I sent you a forward from a spammer about a cure for your "boring box." No, you have to open the link inside, so no spam for you. I hope you find it as hilarious as you do. It is not directly aimed at you, just a random spammer who may have used the words "boring box" in my post to send me a cure. Since you have a G-rated blog, I cannot share here.

    1. Linda, I get those kind of comments daily....sometimes 20 a day. I just hit the spam button. I don't know why they keep on trying since they should know by now I am not letting them through. Persistent little

    2. Oh, I get these spams all the time, too. Persistent, aren't they? The humor was in the subject of the blog I wrote and the seeming answer from the spam. Okay, so it wasn't funny. Then, when why did I laugh so hard? Dementia? jk

  7. I am really trying to eat leftovers and avoid waste. It's hard- my hubby isn't a big leftover person. How long (in your opinion) is it ok to eat the leftovers? Sometimes I think I might be too afraid to eat them after several days and throw out stuff that I could probably eat.


    1. Interesting question Michelle.
      It depends on what it is really but most cooked meals should be safe for a week....can be more depending on what's in the meal. Always do the smell test too and if it smells "off", don't eat it. And if you have doubt on how old something is, best to err on the side of safety and just throw it out.
      If you don't think you'll get to a leftover within a week's time, you can always throw the leftover in the freezer, which gives you more time to figure out how to incorporate it into a new meal.
      The only items that I've not been able to keep a week or more in the fridge(after cooking)are pastas. If pasta is cooked and kept naked(separate from sauce), it goes bad faster than noodles stored in a sauce.

      I don't think you should have a problem with eating several day old leftovers tho.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  8. I love those "Find Something Yourself" meals - they're the best! In fact, that's the daily plan around here - GET IT YOURSELF!! I try to provide a few things on a weekly basis - there is a large crockpot of veggie chili cooking right now and Michael is going to make a root veggie stir fry later - YUM! Our method of cooking is making 2 or 3 or 4 large pots of stuff and then just dip into them all week:) Yes, we're weird that way!

    1. We called them, "fend nights!" As in fend for yourself!


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