Monday, March 11, 2013

Meal Planning March Week 3 & Food Spending March Week 2 & 1


I never got around to my Meal Plan/Food Spending post for last week due to my dental issues and not feeling up to much of anything the last few weeks.  Sorry about that!
I never actually made a meal plan last week because I didn't cook much if any last week.  I've been living on soups and soft foods and the family just hasn't wanted to join me on this exciting menu....go figure! lol
So some things were pulled from the freezer or cobbled together without my find hand being involved.  Then the Daughter decided she'd had enough of your father's halfa$$ed meals and stepped up and volunteered to cook a couple of times.  Of course those evenings were hard on ME because I had to be handy to answer a billion questions because the child refuses to follow a recipe.  And then she gets all mad when things don't turn out right and blames me. ugh!
I. Can't. Win.

All I can recall was they had pork chops with cabbage and sweet potatoes, a tuna noodle casserole, a pizza, there was some Chinese take-out......
I really didn't care really what they ate.
I knew they weren't starving was good enough for me. lol

The food spending the last 2 weeks?
Yes, it's 2 weeks worth since I didn't report in last week.  $98.04 has been spent of the $400 food budget.  That includes $5.78 spent at the Bread Outlet on the one day I felt human and stopped in there to get some bread and rolls while out running errands.  21 days left in the month and we have $301.96 left in the budget to spend.

As for leftovers rolling into this week--I think there is a pork chops and 2 sweet potatoes leftover.


Here is what is getting served this week.....
Sunday-Leftovers or Pizza
Monday--Sloppy Joes on Rolls, Corn
Tuesday--Stuffed Shells, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread
Wednesday--? Depends on how the dental appt. goes
Friday--Fish "Fry", Broccoli
Saturday--Breakfast for Dinner

Needed at the store to serve the meals I am making this week?  
Ground Beef, Romaine lettuce and I might be out of Cheddar Cheese.  Daughter is doing Slim Fast shakes so we are running through milk and soy milk this week as well.
$35-$40 in spending should be enough this week.

What's on your menu for the week?  
Any good deals at the grocers this week?
Did you have any food waste this week?



  1. I had a free-to-me boneless ham sliced while it was frozen, so I will be having ham this week whether I get tired of it or not. I also bought a head of lettuce and tomatoes. Eggs will be scrambled to go with some of the ham. I have five sweet potatoes for this week that are baked and ready to go. I will cook a pot of lima beans and throw in an end chunk of the ham. Carrots and cauliflower will go in a salad for a couple of night. I might even cook some of the veggies. It's all fluid as usual, but those are the options sitting here right now. Lima beans and scrambled eggs are the only things I intend to cook this week.

    Oops, I forgot I have a hen to be cooked in a pot and 10 lbs of chicken legs and thighs to bake. That will be served on Wednesday when exbf is here. He will take most of that meat home unless I decide to keep most of it for chicken and dumplings this weekend when the ham runs out.

    Rats! I have to wash and slice four quarts if strawberries that were $0.99 each.

  2. We managed to get 5 hams at pm last week - spiral cut- all for under 6.00 each. Since its lent, it was friday and people arent shopping as much. So one went home with my sister and 4 went into the freezer. We cooked one on Sunday and it has been lunch and dinner since. Just finished the rest of it up by making ham and potato soup with a little pastina thrown in. Will probably throw in some snap peas that we have.

    Since we are buckling food is not being wasted AT ALL and if its not a bargain we aren't getting yes.

    It was great talking to you this week....


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