Sunday, March 3, 2013

2 Quickies

I forgot to post a tiny trip to Rite-Aid a week or so ago.....

2 x Dove Men's Body Wash $2.50(Raincheck)=$5.00
I used 2 x $2/1 ManuQs to bring my cost down to $1.00 for both of these bad boys.
I paid with a $1 + Up Rewards.

This Trip......
Value of items bought....$12.58
 +Ups Used.....$0
 +Ups Received....$0


Out Of Pocket....$0.00  cash
Value of items bought.....$97.63
Savings Rate of  100%
Rebates due......$0.00

+Ups at beginning of month...$20.00+
+Ups used....$28.00+
+Ups received...$17.00+

Gave my Daughter all my +Ups to use....
+Ups currently...$0+   

Just 3 little trips to Rite-Aid this month.
My $9 in +Ups were expiring on Thursday so I gave them to my daughter to use, meaning I have Zero +Ups now.
I'll be taking a break from Rite-Aid for a couple months, unless something incredible pops up that I really really need.

The other thing is that I cobbled together a load of goodies to take to the Salvation Army 2 weekends ago.
Here is the Porn.....

Not a huge load but some choice bits, some of which you can't really see in the photos.  Trust me, I made a written list and they are

My tooth hurts worse than BEFORE the dentist worked on it last Wednesday!
I'll be calling them tomorrow morning.  If I can't get some relief I may just have the tooth pulled before the appointment on the 13th.  I have a feeling that's where we are heading anyway, so why spend more cash on a tooth they aren't going to be able to save?

I'll be back when I feel more human.....
Until then I'll be throwing crap into boxes to haul out of here to charity.  That's about all I am good for when I am feeling this way.



  1. That really stinks about your tooth. Hope you can get relief sooner than later.

  2. That's too bad about the tooth pain! Bummer. I had a root canal for pain and it still hurts...that was 20 years ago. It is obviously not as bad as yours, though.

    Sending good thoughts your way to lessen pain. I could make a spell for you.

    Bad Money?

  3. They must have really irritated that tooth's nerve! That kind of deep down hurt wears a person out, so try to get some rest before you have to deal with the dental office.

    And thanks for the Rite Aid "p*rn"!! I love hearing about your RA adventures!!

  4. I'm sorry your tooth is still hurting!
    Plus I need to get some stuff out the door too. dang. Where does the time go?

  5. Tooth pain is THE worst. Hope you get some relief soon!

  6. Your dentist didn't give you pain meds????

  7. I love your porn and quickies!
    The dentist seems to be a quack. I'm so sorry about your tooth. Not much I can do but offer to pull it for free. I have a plan!


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