Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February's To-Do List Final Tally

Here is my final report on my February Goals from my To-Do List....

Make new Price Book--DONE!

Clean out InkFrog files & Close Account--Not Done...still re-evaluating whether I want to do this or not.

Scan 1 scrapbook of photos--In Progress and about halway through this scrapbook.  I need to ramp this up or I'll never get all these books of photos digitized.

Read L. Seabrook Book--DONE!  It's a great book for History buffs interested in the Southern view on things.

Read RG Williams Book--In Progress  This book is slow going and a little "dry".

Do Taxes--DONE!  Thank you God!!  Now Hubs has to do the local taxes.

Do FAFSA--DONE!  Only had to do 1 this year.

Declutter and Make 1 Load for SA--DONE and it's been taken to the Salvation Army.  I have begun another load too.

List items on local Tag Sale site--Not Done.  The local site isn't worth even posting things on.  The local economy is so bad nothing put on there is selling unless it's a necessity, like a car or a space heater, etc.  I'll take a FAIL and take this one off my agenda.

Dental Appt.--Done....sort of.  I go back in 1 week and will either get relief or have this tooth pulled.

I had a good month overall, since I got all the paperwork and the Price Book done, did some decluttering and read 1 book.  Other than taxes, my February wasn't very aggressive or chocked full of goals, was it?

I am off to figure out what goals I want to set for March.
How did you do in Feb. on your list of things to do?



  1. I had mixed success in February, but that's pretty typical. I like to set super high goals, & I'm okay with success on like 70% or so. If I hit all of them for the month, I always assume I didn't make them challenging enough. ;-)

    You did well. I have a photo/dvd conversion project that's been lingering since December, & I shudder every time I think of it.

  2. There are three free places to sell items here--Bargain Ads in paper for things priced $10 to $50, radio Trading Post, internet site. You are so right. I sold two space heaters immediately. The other things languished. It would be a losing game if I paid for ads.

    You are way ahead of me in digitizing albums. I did about a dozen loose pictures, no albums yet.

    I am starting to get a toothache. Seriously. I hope it is a sympathy pain!

  3. Looks like you did great on your goals! I took a break in February but I'm already working hard on my March goals :)


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