Monday, March 25, 2013

What I Haven't Been Up to Lately + More

I know some of you are shocked as can be that you're reading a post from ME!
I have been MIA off and on for about a month now.
The reason being?....March has been kicking my ASS!

My tooth ordeal is finally about over but I've also had a major case of not giving a crab about anything.
Nothing on my To-Do List has gotten done.....and I don't really care.

I've physically felt like warmed over manure for more than a month.  I'm swollen and can't breath and I need to get up to the dr.'s to have some tests run but I have the energy of a slug and can't seem to get myself organized enough to do that either.
Can I add that I am sooo tired of this Winter weather?!  We had snow on the 1st Day of Spring and here it is March 25th and it's snowing.....AGAIN!!

I sit and psyche myself up, and I try to concentrate on one goal and can't get that done.....I just keep spinning my wheels, get tired and give up.

I haven't even been to the grocery store in more than a week.  I just send Hubs or one of the kids to pick up a few things.  Depression and sickness do keep you from going out and spending unnecessary money, don't they? So it can't be all bad, right? lolol

My oldest son graduates college in a mere 6 weeks from now.  He just found out he's graduating Magna Cum Laude too.  While I am thrilled for him, the thought of having to drive out to the school and attend the Commencement makes me just want to crawl back into bed and hide.  I so don't want to deal with the crowds and hassles.

Add in the hijinx of the youngest kid lately, hijinx being code for "he has been making my life miserable", and I just want to call a taxi and go somewhere nobody knows me.

Do you see all the loveliness I have saved you all from by being quiet this past month? ;-)

The ONLY thing I stayed on top of was the Secret Sister Swap.  I had fun filling my swappee's wish list.  And I hope she enjoys it and posts about it when she gets time.

So let me close with the "Secret Sister Swap" package I received.....

I got mine like super SUPER early.....the end of February early.  So I held off posting it until the mailing deadline.

I had to email Carla just to be sure that this WAS my swap package, since the swapper didn't mention the swap at all in little handmade card that accompanied the package.....

I am assuming my swapper made that's so crafty.

And here is what Debby sent me.....

A sewing project.  It's a pattern for a quilty-like casserole "cozy" and all the fabric pieces cut out and labeled.  All I have to do is just make it.
Thanks for sharing your love of crafty, quilty sewing things with me Debby.
Just don't be looking for me to actually attempt this one anytime soon, as the pile of my sewing projects(sewing clothes)is stacked quite high. ;-)



  1. I think you change your backgrounds (blog) as much as you change your underwear!!! LOL

  2. Get yourself to the doctor! You have had a rough month. Your weather cannot be contributing any good to your mood or physical health. It is 38 this afternoon with snow predicted here in N AL. Yuck

    Would you like to go feed the hens so they will go back in their pen? There is no snow yet. You will enjoy the winds of 18 mph an gust of 30 to 40 mph.

    Pretty card

  3. I have thought for some time that you NEEDED a rest. Take a break and don't feel guilty... you have a huge stockpile to eat from!!!

  4. What a month!! I hope it will start getting better from now on! XOXOXO

  5. HMMM did you send me your tooth problem! I am going to post pictures of my swap tomorrow. The person who send it knows me ooooh so well and I loved everything in it. She was even kind enough to include stuff for the fundraiser which has been moved to the weekend after Easter since Sharon is in the hospital right now. Anyway I love every single thing in it...can anyone guess who my secret swap was........

    And yeah we have grad in weeks to and for some reason I am dreading it. Maybe because she is my baby or maybe because I have to dye my hair and be nice to people their that I don't like :) Now I command you to stay in bed and rest tomorrow

  6. Yay on the one son and BOO on the other! You poor woman... I'm sorry you've had a bummy month! But it's spring!!! Things can only get better! That is, when all this cra##y snow goes away...

  7. I know I'm probably the only one, but I am super excited we got snow yesterday, even if it is spring! Lovely too. Do feel better, and we mean it this time! Hope the doctor can give you something good and all the aches go away. Nice hearing you're still amongst the living.

  8. I so sorry that your life has been icky lately. But thank you so much for posting. I don't like worrying about you.
    I'm sick of this weather and I don't think that it is helping anyone mentally. So I have decided to ignore it. I even put on a short sleeve shirt for my rebellion. Mind you, I have a sweater on but it is something.
    Maybe try St. John's Wart. Anna and I take it from time to time. It takes a few weeks for it to kick in but it does help even out your mood. Also, Fenugreek with help give you energy. I believe in trying to fix yourself with all natural things before getting pills from the doctor. But then again, I have written many things about my doctor and you can understand how I got to that point.
    Lots of love to my sluggy

  9. I've been feeling pretty flat lately too. Sorry I have no energy to send your way. :(. I'm sick of winter, sick of people being assholes, just done.
    My friend has really severe SAD (seasonal affective disorder) this year. Her energy is sapped. She started meds that are helping a bit but it is hard to pull yourself up and out when there is no energy.
    Sorry that you have a kid giving you grief. They can drive you to drink!

    Hang in there Sluggy!!

  10. Hey, just get a hand job and you will feel so much better.

  11. Sorry you are feeling so lousy. I have to say I'm feeling the same way, although I can blame my condition on the flu.

    And really, what about this terrible weather? We need sunshine and warmth soon!!

    Having teeth issues really stinks. I've had my share of those. Just make sure you take care of it, because infections in the mouth can do a lot of damage.

    Hang in there! It's almost April!!

  12. Sluggy, I hope you feel better soon!

  13. Sluggy,

    I worry about you. Please run to a Dr. Don't procrastinate! GO!

  14. We all need SPRING!! I'm sure we'll all get moving on our to do lists if the sun would just shine and the mercury would head north! It does sound though like you should get your butt into the doctor! It could be a simple fix and then you'd be feeling so much better. It's worth a shot anyways :)


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