Monday, April 4, 2011

For SonyaAnn.......a CVS Plan!

My bloggy buddy SonyaAnn asked me to put a CVS plan together for her for this sales week.  She's got a $5 off $40 Order CVS Q burning a hole in her frugal pocket.  And she's starting from Zero ECBs.
If it was me, here is what I'd buy.....
First thing is I'd concentrate on what is giving ECBs this week.
Then I'd concentrate on what Qs out there could give me a low OOP.
Then I'd use any FREE ITEM Qs I had laying around in my binder that I haven't used yet.  This part gets my pre-Q total up(hopefully over $40)so I can use the $5/$40 Q without shelling out any money on said items.

Here's what I'd buy.....
1 x Complete contact lense wash=$8.99
3 x SoftSoap Body Wash products on sale $3 ea.=$9.00
2 x Herbal Essence Shampoo on sale=$5.49/2
2 x Crest Rinse items on sale $3.49=$6.98
2 x Oral-B toothbrushes on sale $2.99=$5.98
1 x Right Guard Body Wash on sale=$3.88

Coupons to Use
1 x $5/$40 Purchase=$5.00
1 x $1/1 Complete ManuQ(4/3SS)=$1.00
3 x $1/1 SoftSoap Body Wash ManuQ(3/27 SS)=$3.00
2 x Free Item Q Herbal Essence(from Facebook)=$5.49
2 x $1/1 Crest ManuQ(4/3 P&G)=$2.00
2 x $2/1 Oral-B ManuQ(4/3 P&G)=$4.00
Coupon Total....$20.49

$40.32-$20.49=$19.83 OOP

I'd receive $21.97 back in ECBs(Complete $8.99, SoftSoap $3, Crest Rinse $5, Oral-B toothbrushes $1.98, Right Guard Body Wash $3), so if I rolled those next time into more free products, this lot of goods would end up 'costing' me -$2.14.  ;-)

If the Right Guard Body Wash had peelie Qs on them, you'd have another $1 off in Qs for a total OOP of $18.83.
And if you got the BOGO Right Guard Q in your 3/13 RP insert, you could get 2 bottle of Body Wash instead of 1 for the same OOP.

If there are things here you don't need/want, remove and add other items that are cheap/free after sales/coupons.



  1. I wouldn't complain if you did this every Monday...hint,hint.

  2. OMG, OMG, now do my grocery list and wags!!! You are awesome. I;m off to see what coupons I have. I worked on this for a while and didn't get any where near what you OOP was. You are a goddess.

  3. You guys are too funny!lol
    Since I did this I might actually have to go to CVS this week....thanks so much for that!!lolol

    I just found another Q to use....If you got the Oral-B BOGO Q in the 3/13 RP insert, substitute one of the $1/1 Oral-B Qs for this one and your Q total goes up to $21.48, thus $18.84 OOP so negative $3.13 after ECBs back.

  4. And if you got the freebie Q for Chef Boyardee awhile back, use that one too. I'd also check if there are any current Qs on those 10/$10 food items in the sales flyer(the Chef Boyardee is one of those items).

  5. I love when sluggy tells me to spend/save money!!!
    And it wouldn't suck if you did a wags/cvs every week for us coupon challenged peeps.

  6. Awesome! What can I get with a double coupon day at Fareway and a Chevron card?

  7. Oh my goodness...Sluggy...You are a Genius, I tell ya, A Genius!!! PLEASE do a Wags plan...Pretty Please??! Of all the blogs that I have read that do CVS plans and such, yours is the only one that actually makes perfect sense! If I had a CVS around here, I would totally take your plan and "do the deal!" :)

  8. Great list, Sluggy! I might have to use that myself and I already had my CVS list done. LOL! Yeah, I wouldn't complain if this was a weekly thing.


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