Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Things In My Brain

* After hearing of another big aftershock earlier today in northern Japan, I am thinking what Dim Bulbs in charge in our country thought it was a GOOD IDEA to build not One but TWO, count 'em TWO nuclear reactors on Fault Lines???
Yes, California has two plants built along the San Andreas Fault....

Not only that but there is another reactor just outside of the Metro NYC area(Indian Point Station), 24 miles from Manhattan.  The population density within 50 miles of that plant is so dense that should it meltdown the vast majority of people would have no hope of evacuating in time.  Screw a survival kit and iodine pills, kiss your ass goodbye. ;-)

* If you have ever watched the tv show "Third Rock From the Sun", tell me it's not just my imagination, but that French Stewart(the actor who plays Harry Solomon)never opens his eyes!  Please tell me this was part of his interpretation of the character and that the man is capable of opening his eyes.  This seriously bothers me every time I watch an episode.  Yes, I need a

* The last time I left the house 3 days ago, gas was $3.49 a gallon.  I went out to run errands today and it's $3.72!  Holy Crap!!  We'll be hitting the $4 mark before Memorial Day at this rate.

* Look at the bright side of the government possibly shutting down due to lack of money.  At least when they aren't open for business as usual, they can do no harm.  Much like the Oath Doctors take, "First, do no harm.".  I think Congress should have to take a similar oath.....and be prosecuted if they violate it....or at least just send them home and strip them of their job.  Call it downsizing, yah, that's it..... ;-)

* At the Bakery/Bread Outlet today, they were very low on product.  And some items I usually buy were not available as they were cleaned out!  And some items they had raised the prices on so my OOP was higher for basically the same stuff I always buy.  I think more people around here are frequenting the outlet and not paying the high grocery store prices for bread anymore like me.

* I have noticed that items are going up in price....that's nothing new right?  But these escalating prices are just so much more noticeable to me than say in 2010.  I think most companies can't just shrink the product sizes and keep the same prices anymore like they use to do.....they are having to actually raise prices on these shrunken products.  And it's not just a few cents to a nickel anymore.  Items are going up every week so if I don't go to the store for a week, the products are blatantly higher in price to my discerning eye.  And my Price Book prices are having to be adjusted up....ACK!

* And I still see very few people when I am in line at the register using coupons here!  How can these people(who I just KNOW for the most part are in worse financial shape than we are since the median income in my area is way lower than what we make), how can they afford to pay these prices on non-sale item goods w/out even a coupon used either? 
Plus the ready-made food the markets sell seem to be doing a box office business!  I see lots of deli meats and cheese and deli salads, etc. and hot baked chickens, sides going out the grocery store's door when I'm there.  What a waste of money that stuff is......  How hard is it to put a chicken in a crockpot before you leave for work in the morning?  Just that tiny bit of planning would save you from overspending on a $12 tiny baked roaster at the market.  No wonder people spend $800 or more a month on their food budgets!

* Some days I think people should have to get a license to have and raise a child!  I won't go into why I believe this would be a good thing but after my conversation with someone today I'll just say it's worth investigating the possiblities. lol

So what weird or wise things are on your mind today?



  1. Jesus God, Sluggy. What a mind you got!
    I'll have you know that Fred and I actually do have a license to have children. In fact, we've been licensed four times over. Yes, that's how it goes in the adoption world. Don't get me wrong, we have tried it the natural way. But sadly, it didn't work. I wonder what we're doing wrong? Do you have any pointers? I'm all ears.
    Love ya!
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. Don't listen to SonyaAnna. I'm really not a smartass. I don't even play one on T.B. m.

  2. I thought I was the only one who gets off track in the middle of a story! Well today I brought pork steaks they have went this year from 99 cents to $1.19 to $1.39 a pound just this year! On the bright side a case of Bud Light has stayed the same!

  3. About Third Rock from the Sun--love it. But, French in other roles just does not have wide-open eyes like most of the rest of us. He squinches them more closed, but not all the way for his role on Third Rock. I never, ever missed that show. I need it on DVD.

    My $20/wk gas budget is being shot all to pieces. Food is going up, but on the bright side, Coke products came down. I will just stay home and have a Coke.

    I had an altercation with a woman in a store tonight. She will have to confront the police some day, just like she did me when her little darling is doing something untoward. Arrrgh. I just hate some of the mothers out and about, multiplying indiscriminately. Okay, when your brat is blowing a horn he picked up from the shelf into my ear, yes, I will ask him to stop. No, I am not rude. Now, if you step up and be a parent, you will have made him stop long before I said anything. Mom was blocking the aisle and the 12 yr old brat does not have manners and blows on a horn for way too long, and six inches from my shoulder. She could never have gotten a license nor a learner's permit.

  4. I wonder the same thing about people who pay full price for the most expensive stuff!

  5. FYI:

    I've worked in the US nuclear industry over twenty years. My book “Rad Decision: A Novel of Nuclear Power” happens to culminate in an accident very similar to the Japanese tragedy. (Same reactor type, same initial problem – a station blackout with scram.)

    Rad Decision is currently available free online at . (No adverts, nobody makes money off this site.) Reader reviews are in the homepage comments - there are plenty of them. There is also a paperback version available and a PDF download.

    The book is an excellent source of perspective for the lay person — as I’ve been hearing from readers.

  6. I think it must be regional. I haven't noticed most groceries going up that much lately, but I definitely am not seeing Coke prices go down. Gas prices here bounces all over the place. $3.62 yesterday, 3.49 the day before that, $3.64 a few days before that.

    I, too, have a license to have my grandchild. I'm not sure it improved my parenting skills, though.

  7. Unfortunately even if the government shuts down, it will do harm... A friend of mine works for USDA research and he won't get a paycheck... dang.
    I'll have to dig around here but I think I have a license to have kids. Does it have my picture on it?

  8. Mark--"Don't get me wrong, we have tried it the natural way. But sadly, it didn't work. I wonder what we're doing wrong? Do you have any pointers? I'm all ears."
    I think we need to have "the Talk"

    I had a license too! We were foster parents back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. We even almost adopted but things didn't quite work out as planned so we had to grow our own.
    PS. Oh, I knew you were a SA long before SonyaAnn gave it away. 8-P

    Marilyn--I think anyone who has given birth suffers from loosing their train of Oh!Beer hasn't gone up? Wow!!....

    PracticalP--I don't know why his squinting bothers me so
    Coke went down? I'm amazed....
    There are tons of people out there who would never have gotten a license to raise kids if I was handing those out. I might have landed in jail for killing the little shit if it had been me in your place.lolol

    Steph--I know, isn't it mind boggling? It's all I can do not to say something to them. If I have a coupon I do say something and give them the coupon. If I don't have a coupon I just keep my big trap shut and roll my

    James A.--Thanks for the info. on your book. I'll check it out. We live just over 25 miles from a nuclear power plant so this is something that concerns me daily.

    AnnieJ--So your grocery prices haven't perceptively risen? Maybe it is more a factor closer to the coasts now and will spread inland.

    McVal--My understanding is that everyone will get paid eventually, it will just be retroactively or something? If they stopped the congressmen/women's checks too, I bet that would light a fire under them to come to a consensus, huh?lol


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