Monday, April 11, 2011

For Mark......

Ok, I stand corrected!
You have NOT fallen behind in your decluttering Mark, just in the sharing of what was dejunked.
I hang my head in shame at doubting you and your dedication to dejunking..... 8-(
I wait with baited breath for your next decluttering post.

While I wait, here is what I dug up over the weekend and sent off to Salvation Army today.......

A bunch of shirts(still with tags) and new in the box toys from my old eBay inventory.  Add in some books I've read and am ready to pass along.

Now why do I keep hearing Ethel Merman singing, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" over and over again in my head??lolol



  1. You're just the sharing kind Sluggy! I think he's lying...
    And I haven't decluttered NEARLY as much as I need to. My MIL won't let me to the extent that I want to... If I try to get rid of anything of mine in her presence, she'll dig it out to find a use for it. gggaaahhhhh!

  2. Good for you! Our table looks like that, but it is just pile with Hubby's current ebay listings. I don't know why they are all piled there, since he usually leaves them hanging in the closet, but there they are. He went camping before I thought to ask.

  3. Sluggy, it's all I can do, right now, not to push all of that stuff off of the table and take you right there in front of every body looking at your blog. Knowing that you are de-clutting has totally made my day.
    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go into the bathroom and lock the door.
    Good for you!
    Your Friend, m.

  4. You and Mark are so funny and cute!
    I'm still going through the house but the good new is I'm down to the laundry room and game room. So I'm happy about that one. Then on to Spring cleaning or can I just say that dejunking counts as Spring cleaning?

  5. McVal--My brother was the same way....and the other brother is too. I feel your pain....

    Frances--How is Sweet Knees ebay biz doing lately? Every week I think about reopening the store and then I don't. It's so hard once you stop dealing with the 'maroons' as Bugs Bunny says, to want to jump back in and subject yourself to it again.

    Mark--While you're in the bathroom, clean out your medicine cabinet. That will give you more decluttering points. ;-)

    SonyaAnn--Dejunking counts for anything you want it to! I so wish I was down to the laundry room and game room only....

  6. SonyaAnn--And just for the record.....I am WAY more cuter than Mark. ppppbbbbtttt!


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