Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Forgot to Post This......

.....about 4 months ago I had a Holiday/Christmas Giveaway.  The prize was an ornament from my big 'ol stash personally chosen for whomever the winner happened to be.
The winner was Diane(dicity)but I never posted a photo of her prize, though I did take a snapshot of it before I mailed it to her.

Diane told me she keeps her tree up year round and she's into Patriotic themed stuff and likes the red, white & blue color scheme.
So I sent her this ornie, which I thought would be right at home on her tree.....

  I was going through and organizing my photo files on the computer and I just found this photo again, which reminded me to post it.
Yes, I am a procrastinating disorganized slob......lolol

I also visited my storage today since the weather was in the high '60s today without any rain for a change.  I've got the urge to do some more cleaning/clearing out of stuff around here again.  I found another tub of Hallmark ornies in storage. 
My question is.....would anyone be interested in an Ornament Giveaway?  I'm sure I could come up with a box of 'new in the box/never used' ornies for a prize. 
Or maybe I should wait until we get a tad closer to Christmas to do this one, huh?lol 



  1. While some people may think Christmas ornaments giveaways are only for closer to the holidays, I am not one of them. Hubby and I actually bought some ornaments on our mini vacation. LOL! Hey, they were on sale! They are so gorgeous that when I feel better, I will take and post some pics of them.

    So an ornament giveaway is always timely for me. :-)

  2. Hey, yeah, there's the ornament I won on your giveaway! It's hanging on my tree - I really like it. Thanks again.

    dicity - aka Diane


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