Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Be Careful......Frugality Can Turn You Into Sheldon!

I guess being frugal comes naturally to nerds. All that math involved in doing deals and the logical reasoning that stocking up exemplifies.

So call me a nerd.....I don't mind.

If you consider yourself a Frugalista, go watch this clip and tell me you don't "get" Sheldon.

Sluggy-who has a 2 year supply of toilet paper & would have more if she had the room for it


  1. Sluggy, will I be seeing you on Hoarders one day?

  2. Mark, and will I see you there too? Yah know, you have fallen off your decluttering

    I doubt I'll end up on Hoarders since I actually only buy food/HBA and will USE what I buy...or give it away before it expires.
    But there is always hope that I will! ;-)

  3. I've been watching BBT since it started and I love Sheldon - especially all his prying into personal stuff and the way he calculates everything. That was a great clip.

  4. Hey, seems to me Sheldon's got an excellent point! :) Thanks for the smile!!

  5. OMG! I AM Sheldon! Well, I don't shop at the warehouse store. LOL!

  6. Chitra--Somehow I missed out on BBT when it started so I am catching up as quickly as I can.
    Sheldon is such a great character! I love Johnny Galecki too...remember him from being on the "Roseanne" show. ;-)

    Frances--You are much better looking than Sheldon.... ;-)


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