Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Rite-Aid This Week and Another Bonus on Ibotta?

 I had 2 items to buy for a Level 3 September Bonus from Ibotta so I went to R-A on Sunday and bought this.....

Reg. sized boxes of select Kellogg's cereals are 2/$5 and give back a $1 BC this week.
These 2 were part of that deal
I used 2 x $1/1 any Kellogg's cereal IPQ purchased using points from my Kellogg's account so paid $3 in BC and earned $1 BC back.
I submitted for 2 Kellogg's rebates on Ibotta totaling .95¢.  I also reached the Sept Level 3 Bonus on Ibotta so I got another $2.00 in cash rebates.  All together this made the cereal a moneymaker.

Then on Monday a $5 Midweek Bonus showed up on my Ibotta account when I buy 12 items before Friday.
A $1 Bonus I could pass up but $5?  I am going for it! lol

I did this transaction on Monday at Rite-Aid....

All but the Jason body wash are part of the "Spend $30/Get $10 BC Deal" this week.  To finish it off I need to find a store with the Crest Whitening Therapy toothpaste(my store no longer carries it).  I have $25.14 spent toward that Deal right now.  Using $10 in L2CQs I've spent $15.14 on those 4 products plus both toothpastes got me 2 x $3 Ibotta rebates so $9.14 spent actually(but in BC not real money). ;-)

The Jason was marked down to $4.17 on the clearance shelf and there is a $2.50 Ibotta rebate for that so $1.67 in BC spent on that in the end and I have 3 Ibotta rebates completed toward that Midweek Bonus.  If I can find the other Crest specialty toothpaste it will finish off my R-A Deal and give me another $3 Ibotta rebate and  bring my total to 4 rebates so only 8 more to go to capture that $5 Bonus.

I'll be hitting up Walmart and maybe Weis(PMITA)Markets to finish that Bonus as cheaply as possible.  I've got $35 in Walmart gift cards to use as well so I am hoping for no more cash spent OOP to get there.

Wish me luck! 8-)



  1. Good luck. I have a mound of $5 e-cards for Target that will eventually go towards something, likely Christmas gifts.

  2. Wow, such great skills you have, Sluggy. You sure do know how to save money!


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