Friday, October 4, 2019

Frugal Friday.....the October 4th Edition

Here's a look around at what frugal wins we had this past week.........

* We picked what is probably the last of the garden veggies.....

Hubs picked the last of the tomatoes, including some green ones.  Except for the Cherokee Purple which we'll reserve for slicing and eating fresh, the rest of the ripe ones went into my last pot of sauce  made from our tomatoes.  Hopefully the green ones ripen soon.

And I went out yesterday in the rain and snipped the last of the broccoli.  I made a chicken, rice, cheese and broccoli casserole Thursday evening for dinner and this was just enough broccoli for it.

Growing your own food saves a ton at the grocery store and if you grow tomatoes you actually get to taste a "real" tomato and not that genetic monster they raise to sell in the grocery store that looks great, travels well but has no actual flavor.

* I found money!

This corroded penny was found in my car when I cleaned it out on Saturday.

These 2 pennies came from Rite-Aid....the nice shiny one inside the store on the floor and the grody one in the parking lot.  It looks like it was run over a few hundred times!lolz

Another penny in Rite-Aid when I went to buy a Sunday paper on Sunday.

And these three in Rite-Aid(where else?!?!)on Monday when I bought all that cereal.

And this lonely penny at Weis by my favorite self-checkout.
Free money tally for the week is .08¢.

*  A free gift card arrived last Friday......

I had enough points with my Hotel Program that I sent off for this $50 gift card.  Now to use this to it's best advantage.

*  I hit Big Lots on Sunday during their 20% off Friends and Family Sale.  I like to stock up on tp at one of these but I didn't need to(see Weis stock ups the week before)so I just got a few things.

Some good deals at Weis..........

And some good deals at Rite-Aid....

And some samples at Rite-Aid as well........

* Between SavingStar and Ibotta I got back $21.10 in cash rebates this past week.

* I also had a number of post coupon/refund situations this past week resulting in $8 cash back---

$4 back at Rite-Aid on Sunday when the cashier hit the total button before taking my Qs.....

$2 back when my 2 digital Qs didn't come off at the Shursave Market.  It was actually $1.99 back($1 and .99¢)but she gave me $2 even.

And $2 back for being overcharged on some clearance turnip greens at Weis.......

* I got the Weis Friday Freebie last week.....

That's about it from here.

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Tell us all about them! 8-)))



  1. I too picked the last of my tomatoes this week. I love growing them, if you have a sunny spot they are almost no fail. I even got one last ripe strawberry off my everbearing that they were all free this year since all cost outlay was in 2018.

  2. I am always amazed at the money you find. I must be a seriously bad looker or everyone where I shop uses credit cards instead of cash. I have found a whopping 39 cents since Jan 1.

  3. I am going out to pick what I think will be the last of the produce .

  4. My only frugal win was frozen Pict Sweet vegetables at Piggly Wiggly. Oh, I forgot one win. The clerk asked me if I were eligible for a discount. Puzzled, I asked her what I had to do. She said, "Be 60 or older." I thought I heard wrong, so had her repeat it. "Will being 73 work?" She was honestly astounded. I looked so terrible, had a fever and was exhausted. Funny and flattering is a win.

  5. Not many deals for me, but I got the ingredients for lentil soup. Next week I will hit the grocery outlet store for snacks. I still have a few cereal bars, and so I won't need more until next week.

  6. No frugality here: I am in a swanky hotel in San Diego where a stick of deodorant is .... 11$

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  8. On my walking route there is a lovely little garden plot that looks like they are still loaded with tomatoes. I hope she gets them picked. I really would like a nice little space-I love fresh vegetables an dknow the savings would be wonderful.


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