Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Stacking the Deals & Rebates.....Rite-Aid & Other Places

First off, I've been working on some Ibotta rebates and October Bonus rebates...........

At Walmart last week I spent $22.18 on this stuff and earned back $10.63 in rebates.

These three boxes of cereal bought that week from Rite-Aid earned me $2.10 as well, for zero OOP.
I got a .50¢ October Level 1 bonus also, then I bought this at Weis.........

10 different items(some multiples), all with Ibotta rebates.  This lot cost me $34.70 and earned me $9.15 in rebates and a $5 Bonus for reaching another activation level so $14.15 total back.

Then I bought a few items at Walmart on Monday.........

This lot earned me back $4.89 in more Ibotta rebates, the cost OOP was $13.64.
I also earned October Level 2 bonus($1.00), the Stonyfield earned me an additional $1.00 Bonus and I lastly earned the $10.00 Monster Money Bonus rebate.

$70.52 spent on all above and $45.27 earned back in cash rebates($44.27 on Ibotta and $1 on SavingStar for the Chobanis)and lots of items we can use here(and I totally wanted to try those Dr. Pepper flavored baked

Now at Rite-Aid...............there are interesting overlapping deals going on, both Rite-Aid and from other sources-

#1 There is a P&G, Spend $30/Get $10 BC deal this week at R-A(limit of 2 deals per card on this one).

#2 Parts of the R-A deal above overlap with a SavingStar offer, Spend $50 on certain P&G items/Get $15 Back at SavingStar.

#3 There is a P&G Holiday Rebate(advertised in the P&G Insert last Sunday), Spend $50 AFTER COUPONS on certain P&G items/Get $15 prepaid Visa card back.

This rebate form is available online HERE or in last Sunday's P&G coupon insert.

#4 Rite-Aid has a promo going on now until later in November, Spend $50 on certain "Beauty" Items get a $10 R-A gift card(limit of 2 deals on this one). Purchase from 10/27/19 to 11/30/19 and redeem by 12/14/19.

Details on this offer are HERE.

The trick is how best to make this work to take advantage of all 4 offers for the lowest OOP.  Be sure to be aware of all the different Deal dates for your purchases to be valid for each offer.

And a tip.....wait until Thursday, Friday or Saturday this week and any BC earned  then will be valid long enough to use for Thanksgiving Thursday and/or Black Friday sale at R-A.

As for me, I bought this on Sunday.........

1 x Crest toothpaste on sale=$3.00
1 x Glide/Oral-B dental floss on sale=$3.00

Only one of these items qualified for the #2 SavingStar Rebate but I don't know which.

I used a $2/1 Crest L2CQ and a $2/1 Glide/Oral-B L2CQ making this $2 paid with Bonus Cash and I earned back $1 for each item back in BC so totally free.

Then I bought this on Monday........

6 x Pantene shampoo
2 x Olay body wash
$12 in ManQs deducted and used all my BC plus $10.48 of my free R-A gift card and I earned $10  in new BC.

At this point I have earned $10 BC on Offer #1, $39.50 toward the $50 on $15 Offer #2, $26.67 toward the $50 on $15 Offer #3, and $36.67 toward the $50 on $10 BC Offer #4.

Now to figure out how best to proceed to finish off all 4 of these deals.  ;-)



  1. You are the rebate queen! I do well to remember to use my Ibotta app.

  2. fantastic ρut up, vеry informative. Ι ponder why the opposite specialists оf this sector
    dօ not understand tһiѕ. You must continue your
    writing. I am confident, you've ɑ gfeat readers' base ɑlready!

  3. Wow!!! Good on you! And I would totally try the Dr Pepper beans! Do you think they have DIET Dr Pepper beans?

  4. Awesome score! Gotta love double dipping deals and rebates. I did the P&G rebate at Meijer. I need to write a post soon.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the wonderful breakdown. I was directed here because I was not sure I could do the Saving Star P&G as well as the one found in the P&G insert.
    When you list the items on the P&G form, are you deducting the coupons? My receipts show full price with coups at the bottom so I don't want to screw it up. Thanks again


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