Friday, October 18, 2019

Frugal Friday.....the October 18th Edition

**Don't forget that today is the last day to enter the giveaway.  Use the link HERE.  Entry ends at 11:59 pm ET tonight.**

Now let's see what passed for frugal this past week in Sluggy's World............

* I had to give Kim a ride back to Sissie's house last Friday because Sissie had to leave a day early from our trip to OC due to work.  I didn't want to have to drive in rush hour around DC to get to my brother's house so I spent the night so no motel bill.

* When I left the next morning to go to my brother's house in VA I left 2 items.....a small package of country ham biscuit slices in the fridge and a bottle of Tums which fell off the nightstand and I forgot to pick up.  So Sissie is ham and antacid richer.
But I am mustard richer..........

Sissie had brought a cooler full of food to OC and somehow this got thrown into one of my bags by mistake and I didn't find it until I got home to PA on Wednesday.
I guess it's an even trade. lolz

*  I used 2 gift cards and 1 coupon while on vacation--I took Kim out to breakfast at IHOP(gcard)when we left OC, my brother and sister in-law to dinner at Cracker Barrel(gcard)and my son and his GF to dinner at Bob Evan's(coupon).

*   I found money!
On Sunday my brother, his wife and I went to Aldi.

I spied an un-corralled cart outside which yielded a free quarter when we were done shopping.
I also spied 2 pennies in a closed checkout and had to stoop under the strap across the lane to pick them up.

On Monday my brother took me out for breakfast at the Huddle House(like a Waffle House).  On the sidewalk outside I found a penny.

Also on Monday I did some laundry at my brother's house and I found this penny on the floor under their laundry sorter thing.

On Wednesday I fueled up by my son's apartment at a 7/11 and found a penny by the gas pump.

And when I stopped again for gas in Carlisle PA I found another penny by that gas pump.

On Thursday Hubs and I went to our local McDonald's as they were having a giveaway for their re-opening.

I found a dime in the dining room.

When I went back to the car I spied 13¢ in the drive-thru lane and scurried over to pick that dime and 3 pennies up and I didn't get run over. lolz

That makes .34¢ in found change for this past week.

*  The Giveaway at our local McDonald's I mentioned above..........

I won a pair of socks and Hubs won a free beverage.

*  Here are all the freebies I gleaned from our stay in Ocean City...........

Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sugar packets, a coffee pod, soap, tea bags, marmalade packets and a tiny dish soap bottle.
Not pictured is the fist full of make-up remover wipes I gave to Kim. ;-)

*  My brother paid for my lunch last Sunday.........

A $1.50 hot dog with soda at Costco.
We are a family of big spenders evidently.......lolz

*  I brought Kim and Sissie's Xmas presents with me(wrapped and labeled), as well as my brother and his wife's Xmas presents and hand delivered them all in person.  This saved me a butt load of postage on mailing it all in December, especially Kim's box since she has the temerity to live clear across the country from me! ;-)

* Hubs didn't do any grocery shopping this past week(he's not a fan of shopping and grocery stores anyway)so no grocery spending other than the few things I bought while on my trip.(Report on that coming soon.)

That's about it from here for the week.

What frugal wins did you have this past week?
Let us know all about it.



  1. Man I wish I could find change like you do!!!! So glad you had a good time on your trip and are home safe and sound!

    Sue L.

  2. I have decided all of Birmingham uses credit cards and only does transactions rather than use real money. I rarely find change anywhere I go.

  3. You are a change machine. What people don't realize is that they have to look for it and then pick it up.

  4. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. I get a kick out of you finding pennies from heaven. That is what I call them. You must have a lot of people in heaven who love you. Sometimes, if I get a penny for change, I try to leave it in the parking area for handicapped. I like to imagine somebody finding it who needs a lift for the day.

  5. Okay, Miss Money Magnet,
    You can find money anywhere. I find money but forget to mention it. Of course, it is not as much money as you can find. I am glad you are home safe and sound.

  6. Lucky’s has a 50 percent off all Daiya products sale so I stocked up after work. Freezers are now at maximum capacity. Months worth of cheeze shreds, cheeze cakes and boxed pasta meals!

    I no longer work in the downtown area so no free piles of change by the parking meters.

    Jen G.

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