Saturday, October 19, 2019

And the Giveaway Winner Is.......

We had 85 valid Giveaway Entries this time around.
And Random dotorg picked...............

Kim N.

My husband enjoys handing out candy for Halloween. We got about 20 Trick or Treaters last year. I already purchased chocolate to give away - mainly from CVS with ecbs/coupon.
Kim N.

Congratulations Kim N.!!!
Please email me your full name and mailing address within 48 hours of this post going live and I'll get this box out to you lickety split.

Thanks to everyone who plays along on these Giveaways.
There will be at least one Giveaway in November(maybe two?!?)so stay tuned for some fun next month too. ;-)



  1. Hi Sluggy!
    Thank-you! I know it is late - but I will e-mail you shortly.
    Kim N.

  2. Congrats Kim N. Thanks Sluggy for doing these giveaways.

  3. I think that was a mistake it should be Kim H. Get your reading glasses on.

  4. Whoo hoo - I got the box today!!! I sure am glad Sluggy didn't put her reading glasses on because I got a very nice box of loot :) Sorry Kim H.


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